I need your opinions

I am a web developer and last year i made a website and i sold it for a good price (for me, but now the site that i sold is 2-3 times more expensive :slight_smile:

I am planning to build up websites and sell them.

At the moment i am developing quicksiteinfo.com

I have 3 targets:

  1. min. 150 usd revenue
  2. Alexa rank: under 80K
  3. 60% organic and 15K uniques/month

What do you think about the future price of this website if i can reach my targets?

thanks for sharing your opinions.

Should be $500

Take a look at the “Just Sold” area of Flippa.com to see what similar site have sold for. You can filter by the amount of traffic (15k per month for example). This will give you an idea of price.

Great site, by the way.

Why don’t you make the metrics clickable - so that, for example, I can actually go to Yahoo and see all the back links to my site?

Hi LukeMoulton,
thanks for your time and reply. Yes, i follow flippa and will compare with filters.

info images, left side of the results are clickable. I will make rollover tooltips for results to help people what to do.

BTW bing results done and working now.

thanks for sharing your opinion.

this is better than nothing :slight_smile:
thanks for your opinion…