What is the estimate value of my site?

I want to sell my site :funnyvideosfunny.tk this is a funny videos and pictures website. I have added 4 way income system to this site 1.zango cash, 2, adbrite, 3.loadedcash ,4. T shirt affilate.

This site is run by a free domain provided by .tk and hosted in blogger.com so there is no maintainance cost at all. site got around 50 unique vistors per month and 100 page views. Site is more than 1 year old but no promotions has been done yet. There are 30 index pages in google and yahoo with a little promotion any one can earn a good amount through this site.

Can any one told me what is the estimate cost of this site ? and what price i should fix to sell this site ?

Oh for pete’s sake, read all the other ‘how much is my site worth?’ threads and discern your answer from them. Or better yet, stop trying to figure out what other people would pay for it and decide on a minimum amount you would let it go for. List it with the reserve set at that amount and you’ll find out if it’s worth that much to someone else.

Ballpark figure would be around 0$

No traffic, no content, no pages, poor site niche in terms of monetization.

Catweasel, why do these threads upset you so much? No one is making you read them, and the forum is pretty much dead otherwise.

Anyway, the site is worthless right now. I wouldn’t even bother spending the money to list it until it’s making $10 a month, because you’ll have a hard time recouping the listing and success fee before then.

I know, I just woke up grumpy that morning … My bad.

If all the threads asking essentially the same question could be rolled into one other, more interesting, threads might not get bumped of the first page so quickly.

I didn’t wake up particularly grumpy, I just woke up my usual self so I’ll vote for

Oh for pete’s sake, read all the other ‘how much is my site worth?’ threads and discern your answer from them.

Maybe we could have a sticky on valuations to reduce the copycat threads on valuation.

That would still require people to do some work of their own, so that isn’t going to happen.

You can estimate your website worth at:

Thanks for resurrecting this dead thread to post a link to a useless site.

If you ever use some website to estimate the value of a site, you shouldn’t be doing business online.

  1. I didn’t know you could sell a site hosted in a free site.
  2. 50 uniques is like less than 2 visitors a day. It will take you 1 year to get $1 out of it.
  3. 30 index pages in 1 year? I can create a blog right now, put 30 pages and tomorrow all those 30 pages should indexed by Google.

I suggest just continue your blogging experience with that then move on to a self hosted blog. I am pretty sure no one will ever buy your site.

You can calculate you site income by visiting www.webpageoutlook.com

It gives you an idea how worth is your site.

http://www.websiteoutlook.com/ is more accurate. I have used both to check one of my site <snip>Link drop removed</snip>

webpageoutlook under states the number of backlinks to my site; but websiteoutlook is more accurate and in my opinion shows a better reflection of its worth

http://www.websiteoutlook.com/ is more accurate.

And how do you know it’s more accurate? Because it gave you a higher price? LOL. You people are so funny. I’ve got a bridge Ill let you have at a really good price. Drop me a PM!

You can calculate you site income by visiting www.webpageoutlook.com

Damn, and I thought I could calculate my site income by looking at my own revenue stats. But kudos on rehashing a post somebody’s already made. It gave you an excuse to post your signature spam.

You’d be lucky to get $10 for your site with no traffic and no revenue. It’s also a .tk

Why do you want to sell this site? if you want to earn some good, i would recommend not to sell it now :eek:, you can wait till you have some good stats and traffic, you will get good money. Till then concentrate on SEO

I think http://www.websiteoutlook.com/ is not correct! I have a site and it said its value was much higher than I thought!

These sites that calculate vale are pretty useless guys.

Your best bet is to have a look in the market at what similar sites have been selling for.

Indeed. If I just check with my own website (which is worthless I personally think).

On www.webpageoutlook.com I get 240 dollar.
On www.websiteoutlook.com I get 1400 dollar.

Anyway, I can’t see any reason why someone would pay 240 dollar for that domain name?