Google tracking does not tally


I have recently looked at google analysis for my site over the past month. The problem is Google’s tracking does not agree with mine. I put visits to the contact form as goal 1 and arrival at the “Thank you page” as goal 2. Google analysis was right in the amount of people who went to the form page but it said only 1 visitor submitted the form. However when a form is submitted, I am sent a copy of the form to my eamil address. I checked back over the last month to find I had been sent 3. Only one of the sent forms was spam. one was someone selling me something (could be spam?)

What could be the reason for this? Is Google likely to be off by one or two? Does it respond to spam in a different way?

thank you for your help,


Google’s tracking is entirely dependent on Javascript, so any visitors who have blocked JS will not be included in the stats. That may account for the difference.