Does Google Analytics can't track Pop-Ups links?

Hello Everyone,

I’ve added my contact us form in slide panel on top of my site. Whenever a user click on contact us a panel opens instead of another page where a visitor can view our location & also fill up the form for the enquiry.

My dilemma is when the visitor fills the form a “Thanks.htm” without URL pop-up appears due to which I can’t track it in Google Analytics how many times the form has been filled up. So, I’ve made an html URL in the pop-ups & added the same in Google Analytics & for testing I’d fill the form. I know google takes 24 hrs to update but its been 72 hrs I can’t see my 1st Goal in Analytics.

Please help me whether I’d done anything wrong.

Google has a very hard time with popups. Is there a reason you want to use a popup instead of just a hardlink?

No…my dear… Google cant track pop up…so my advice is for you create a good thank.htm