Niormal backlink tools leave me frustrated :-(

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I’m trying to get the backlink profile for a website that will tell me what inner pages are being linked
too not just the home page but I’m not having any luck.

Ive used Link Diagnosis but that just gives me a total backlink count, no good I need to know what inner pages are being linked too.

I then tried Yahoo Site Explorer but you can only use it know if you give them your mobile tel number for a windows live account.

So my question is please; “Whic Tool can i use to see what deeper pages on a site have backlinks”

Thanks in advance,

There was a recent thread on this subject here.

With respect it is similar but there is a big difference. That thread was dealing with backlink checkers in general, and the subject of checking links to individual pages rather than an entire site was not covered by it.

Yahoo Site explorer is finished, but you can now check backlinks through Bing Webmaster Tools, and I think that’s what you may be referring to as you would sign in using a Windows Live account (just as you sign into Google Webmaster Tools with a Google account). It does show backlinks to individual pages but only for your own websites and only the backlinks that Bing has found. For your own sites GWT will give you more compehensive information. I haven’t been able to find an independent backlink checker that will give results for individual pages for sites that I don’t own, as far as I can see they will all only give total site links.

Google webmaster tool is the best but will not count all, found one best is backlinkwatch .com…caching almost latest BL too…also many SEO tools in seobook .com…

Ok there is a tool available via SEO moz that will give a breakdown of what inner pages are being linked to as much as I am loath to recommend an SEO service…