Link tool that really puts a smile on your face

Above is a link to a firefox tool that if your interested in researching a competitors inbound link profile will proove very valuable. Even better than Backlink checker in so many ways.

Only works on firefox :slight_smile:


I use it too, but here is something I dont understand: One day he lists about 300 backlinks for my site, tommorow-1500, next day 500… than again 300. dont know why is this happening…,

Its taking ages for me too even after installing the extension :-(.

The tool is loading for 2 hours when i gave a website and i still get “computing Please be patient”… How long. Will it load after 2 days???

It doesn’t shows any report unless I install that extension…

I haven’t finished testing it yet. I hear its good tool from a lot of trusted people. I just may had some bad luck.
I will post here more results soon.

Oh dear… I take it all back, your testing has revealed it to be un reliable :frowning:

Patience people patience. The longest I ever had to wait was 20mins. The time depends on the size of the site your investigating. The wait is well worth it and its free so no more moaning :wink: