Any best tool to get complete backlink data?

Are there any tools or websites that gives precise information on a website’s backlinks, including whether its Do-follow or No-Follow?

Appreciate your responses…

I use opensiteexplorer .org to grab backlink data with do follow or no follow attributes. For non register user it provided maximum 1000 backlinks. Register user can also download csv files.


Appreciate your response…

I dont believe opensiteexplorer is the best, I have even tried SEOMOZ site explorer. Can you suggest any tool, which will give accurate information on backlinks? As there are hundreds of tools, someone may know something that I wanted.

You might find something useful in this thread.

@TechnoBear - Most helpful. Thanks

A lot of the good tools are disappearing so I wouldn’t be surprised if SEOMoz (ugh) end up as the only place offering remotely usable backlink data. I would never go as far as to call it complete, but it’s the best you’re likely to get soon when the Yahoo OpenSiteExplorer stops.

These are the some of the tools which you could use to get the backlinks data.
Majestic SEO
opensite explorer

Ahref also allows you to view the links which you might have lost in course of time.

I use SEO Spyglass. There is a free version but the full version is excellent with downloadable spreadsheets and a “link value” algorithm. I’m not at affiliated by the way, it is simply an excellent product that does what you are asking here plus a whole lot more. Google it (it’s from and buy it, it’s worth it (about $150 per year although other products in their suite are also excellent). Cheers

This option sounds good to me. Perhaps are there any tools that would show blacklisted backlinks? if there are then its going to be of best help.

Actually, I already use the Paid Pro version of SEOMOZ tools. How exactly are these SEO Spyglass different from the one I use? Do you get all basic information for $150/ year? I mean the Backlink count, list, OBL, quality, attributes and much more…


Back link watcher is the best back link checker tool.

According to my expirence and for Yahoo - yahoo site explorer is popular to give accurate result.Yahoo explorer gives large result.

You could check with backlink inventory (backlinkinventory dot com) which offers such service. I guess they show the links which have been dead over 30 days. Hope this helps you!

Backlinkswatch is good way to check backlinks,but I do not think. Because it will not help you to achieve the knowledge in the field of SEO and you can create the backlinks there where your competitor has created.The main problem with backlinkswatch is the backlinks they are show is not SEO generated backlinks.

Backlinkswatch is the best tool for checking back links of any site. It gives the detail information of a particular website back links. Most of the people are using this tool for checking of their site incoming links. Using this tool the website owner will assess his site back links and try to improve their site back links.

I use Scrapebox but it costs too much.If you want free you could try :

Thanks for your response, but there is no such tool. Did you mean backlinkwatch?


I have used both. Backlinkwatch is a good tool, but does not provide more than 1000 backlink results. As far as I know, Yahoo site explorer is no longer available. is a search engine isn’t it? How can it be used as backlink checker tool?