How to find the inner page?

I wanted to find all my inner pages of the website so I type in google and it shows all the inner pages of my website. But I can’t able to find some of the pages in my website. I checked all the link information of each and every page but still couldn’t find where is the particular page from. Is there any tool to find where the page is linked from? Kindly help.

Use SeoQuake Plugin and this is a simple and free plugin available for Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. Just download and install it. You can see a ‘SQ’ icon at top right side of browser, make sure its enabled.

Thanks for your reply. I installed the plugin, how do I find where it is linked from?

1)SeoQuake Plugin

You can download free SEO quake plugin available for firefox and chorme.You can See a "SQ"Icon at top right side of browser.

  1. PaRaMeter Free Tool

This is a free tool developed by Cleverstat. This tool should be installed on local computer.

First we need to extract the internal pages URL in order to check the inner pages page rank.

Open the software and go to ‘Extract Urls’ in Tools menu bar. Type the web address and you can select 2 or 3 Depth to extract Urls from home page. Click start, once its over press Save and Close button. This will pass the extracted Urls to main screen on PaRaMeter.

Ermm…Maybe I’ve misunderstood this, but surely if you want to find the inner pages of your own website, your CMS should be fully capable of doing this. Failing that, a sitemap is usually the best guess.

I’m also struggling to see the value in doing this for sites, unless you’re trying some kind of long tail approach, which has never really worked anyway.

I’ve thought of sitemap as well… yes, you can use it. i was quite confused with the last part, “where the page is linked from?” You mean that particular page’s url? If that’s the case then browse through your sitemap, press Ctrl+F and then type the title of the page. You’d easily and directly spot the link of that page if that is in the sitemap page.