Get a list of backlinks


I am trying to get a list of websites linking to my website and for each of these websites, I would like to get website that link to them.

I am trying to achieve this: Network Analysis for SEO and Social Media

How would you retrieve this information?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I’d just like to add that having the information in CSV format would be the most beneficial.

There are lots of SEO tools that can provide you the reports about the backlinks and the interlinking between the pages. I use traffic travis for it.

try they are pretty good

In getting back-links, you really do not need to spend big amount of money especially if link building is not really your professional career. There are providers available online that are oftentimes free (oftentimes, requiring small expenditures but on a reasonable, cost-effective price).

I personally recommend you to use Yahoo site explorer it is the best option available.


I suggest You not to worry about the “network analysis”.

Use the Yahoo Site explorer to reach out all the existing backlinks to Your domain. Besides of this tool, there are other free tools you can use to analyze your backlink structure:

  • x4d Backlinkchecker
  • online-utility Backlinkchecker
  • seo-united Backlinkchecker
  • internetbaron Backlinkchecker
  • domain-pop Backlinkchecker

If You want to do Link Exchange, focus on relevance of topics, keywords and good and unique content. If You want to save time and got a few dollars to spend, try to aquire relevant backlinks with good link power at text link market places like teliad or linklift…

I mostly use and linkdiagnosis .com

But is the best website to check the backlinks.

i think you have to try for yahoo search explorer,
in yahoo site explorer your inlinks will show

I suggest you use Google Webmaster Tools or Iwebtool. :twocents:

Thank you all for your replies.

I’d like to see a more meaty response.

Maybe like what are the first or most important steps taken to get “the information”? i.e. a how not a what.

Yahoo site explorer is what I use but I am always looking for more. Will check those one posted here

I’ll repeat it one more time.

The OP wants to know how, not what. is the best platform to do it…:slight_smile: