Looking for solution for large email sendings

Dear forum members,

I’m looking for a mass mailing solution for a charity organisation (…meaning I dont have a big budget).

I used to use Mailchimp all the time, love it but as they have >500 K subscribers, annual budget will be > 25K. Currently they are sending from several different outdated solutions, it’s a complete mess and doesnt work properly.

Dont throw a stone at me, I’m sure it’s a fair price for an excellent service but I’m looking for the solution to downsize this budget and downgrade my expectations to .

Not very experienced with “home-made” solutions, like buying a dedicated IP and installing the sending software on it, how does it work in practice? And I’m afraid of the risk by being blocked as the new sender from cold IP.

What are the solutions for this case?

Thank you very much in advance!

As long as they have permission from all those recipients, that’s OK.

The only thing I can think of some free software that you can install in a local computer. I used to use one built in PHP long time ago. But it was so long time ago that I don’t remember the name.

But there has to be plenty of options if you Google it.

I’d suggest looking into using a pre-made email system like https://www.interspire.com/emailmarketer/ - which incidently has been around for years, and is made by the same folks who develop Bigcommerce the well knows SAAS ecommerce platform.

You will expose that charity to a lot of liability if you don’t use an existing vendor that is compliant with the law. Not to mention the infrastructure to send large amount of email marketing is very costly. It seems more realistic for the charity to adjust their email marketing expectations to fit their budget.

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