News Portal CMS

I am looking for a specific news portal CMS. I know all the major “general” CMS (like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla) and even the less known ones (like TYPO3, Expression Engine, Text Pattern or Concrete5). I’m already working with a Drupal distribution called OpenPublish and another WordPress installation to determine which would be better, but these are more of a Plan B.

I would like to work directly with a CMS that was build exactly for this kind of tasks specific to a news / media portal. It doesn’t matter if the CMS is commercial (however, I don’t want to pay a monthly fee) or free, but I need to be able to use it on my own server / hosting and I need to be able to access it’s source code (not to modify it, but to integrate it with future plugins / modules).

If you know any CMS that qualifies for this job, please let me know. In the last few days I was all over Google but I couldn’t anything worth mentioning.

You can try Drupal, it a little bit hard to lean but very flexible and powerful.

If you’re narrowing down tools for Plan B, I’d suggest you skip ahead and just go with whichever you choose. It will save you a great deal of needless pain and suffering if you go with a simple Plan A and then have to move everything over to a more capable Plan B platform.

My 2-bits is use Drupal OpenPublish. I am a huge Drupal nerd and for something like a news portal it wouldn’t even be a question for me. There are lots of case studies about newspapers, magazines, e-zines that are running on OpenPublish so I would get busy reading up on what others have done (challenges/successes). If you aren’t familiar with Drupal get a decent book like Using Drupal (O’reilly). It’s a decent starter and then get something like Pro Drupal Development for more advanced stuff.

Both WordPress and Drupal do what you want, but is depend the skill you have. Drupal is a lot more difficult than wordpress

If you are not good at PHP, I suggest you adopt Wordpress, there are many themes for news portals.

is joomla better then wordpress???

That’s a question that can’t be answered. Some people like Joomla, others like Drupal, others like Wordpress. It depends largely on what you’re comfortable with and what will do the job. Most developers use Drupal or Joomla for very complex websites and use Wordpress for fast out of the box not so complex sites.

I am sure that both Drupal and WP are great, and it’s just the matter of what you prefer. WP is easier to use and set up the site from scratch, and Drupal is a bit more complicated if you’ve got not enough skills, but it may give you more possibilities, so still, it all comes down to your personal choice.

Go for Wordpress,it is flexible and very easy to use .There are many news themes are available on Themeforest,gabfirethemes,organic themes.Its very easy to install theme on wordpress and make customization easy.Many plugins are available free of coast.