Best CMS for a News site?


What is the best CMS for a News site?

Great SEO need to be standard.
Good support is a must.

Budget: Up to $2000

I’d say you really can’t go wrong with - and with your budget there you’ll save about $1900.


With a budget like that, I would go for something more intuitive and advance… PERL is not something you want to deal with if you anticipate that your website will grow.

We are using PERL based content manager to manage just the news section of the site and it is a pain to update and it slows down the server a lot! And, in same position as you - looking for database driven CMS which is fast and integrates with rest of the site. For your budget perhaps? Too expensive for Pro version as far as I’m concerned. :frowning:

better way is to get a good OPEN SOURCE cms solution and invest some money to customization, then you can get very unique site.

I strongly agree. Go with Joomla and customize it to cover your requirements.

Instead of spending $2000 for a commercial CMS, I think it best that you go for a Open source one and spend your $1000 custom works to suite you need! Then, with the left $1000 you can use for site SEO and promotion.
Joomla is my first and last choice!!!

I honestly suggest ArticleLive:

Its an awsome CMS and it can easily be customized. It powers our content section on our site.

A question:

I have been using wordpress to one of my blogs and is overall satiesfied but keep thinking that the other CMS will be better for a news site … but is that true? What does the other CMS offer thich WP dosent?

  • Wordpress have a huge userbase.
  • Tons of developers ready to create themes and plugins to fit your need.
  • Perfect SEO.

Would it be more wise to use wordpress and get the needed plugins (custom coded) when needed?

How do you guys feel about Contribute? (Macromedia err… Adobe)

I have tried it and it is easy enough but how does it compare to the above?

For old school people like myself I suggest Coranto (Newspro). It’s been around since 98 I believe and has 100’s of mod addons.

why not make your own - custom - CMS? Do you really need all those fancy features to make your website useful?

Contribute sucks. At least, when I tried it out… pages kept getting locked / unlocked / revisioned improperly and it just created a giant mess.

Joomla or mambo is hard to go wrong. I am liking the direction joomla’s core / backend is taking away from mambo … so I have to give that one the edge now.

Just setup the core site, then hire a guy to help you optimize the seo portion 100% in target to your needs. Ez, lots of people in the forum … done.

I would think for a news site that Wordpress would be ideal?

Perfect SEO and as far as i can see really easy to use… The new wysywig editor and layout are very good the latest version.

You can also try and look at


That’s not really true. Large dynamic sites like are written in Perl. But even for small sites that use Perl CGI rather than mod_perl, the point about Big Medium is that it publishes to static files, so the news site is effectively serving html (or shtml actually) – which is hardly a burden on your server.

I’m not sure you can compare Contribute to most of the CMS’s being discussed here. It’s basically just a simplified version of Dreamweaver, it’s versatile as it’s non-specialised, but best limited to flat (non-dynamic sites) small-medium sites preferably created in dreamweaver (ie with templates).

I’ve set it up several times for clients and haven’t come across any major problems.

True but with I am sure you would want to customize the site (like we did) and thats where the problems come about.

The PHP CMS I have had the most experience in is Nucleus. It seems to have a nice following.

Although many PHP CMSs seem to be in PHP 4 limbo; a lot of them want to re-write large parts of their code to take advantage of the OO features in PHP 5.

Evoartivles does everything you will ever need in an Article publishing website. ( Including Vbulletin integration )