Drupal or Wordpress, which should I use?

can you suggest me which platform is best for this type of website? drupal or wordpress?

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It depends on your needs and requirements of the website :slight_smile: . We can’t answer this for you.

okay !! and thanks for such fast reply :relaxed:

@Sohaib, what are your requirements? What does your website need to function? What dev skills do you or your team possess?

You mean a CMS, or do you have a specific kind of site in mind?

@cpradio i was actually planning to launch a news website, like i mentioned above… which much have a control panel or we can say CMS

yes @chrisofarabia yes you are right, it should be a CMS

Well yes, but that is a type of site and not really requirements.

I need to be able to write articles (versus, I need to be able to write short excerpts)
I need to be able to feature an image with each article
I need to be able to display said articles via categorization and on a homepage
I need to be able to create a slider of the most recent articles (or of featured articles)
I need to be able to have an RSS feed generated
I need to be able to have a sitemap.xml generated

Once we have an idea of what you need, we can offer what we feel is the best CMS for you to use.

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To add to this, you say you’re setting up a news site - can you give us an idea of the breadth of news you’re dealing with; local, national, international, also the type; current affairs, sport, entertainment. Expected audience size and its potential growth rate would be interesting to know to. Some CMS are more scalable than others.


hmmm… thats right ! these are exactly the things for a good CMS @cpradio

@chrisofarabia actually i am looking forward to target political news and affairs from across the globe…

Few days back, I was looking for the same answer which CMS is better . I just stumbleupon this quora discussion . In this you will get to know about the best comparison and discussion between Drupal/Joomla/WordPress https://www.quora.com/Which-is-better-for-a-news-content-website-WordPress-Joomla-or-Drupal Some say Joomla is best because this CMS is very strong and has lot of customization oppurtunities . Some recommend drupal because It is flexible and powerful . it is much more reliable, stable and enterprise . Some say WordPress is the best blogging platform with good SEO and tons of plugins available. it is easiest and best Content Management System Based platform for developing CMS based websites.

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Not… it’s not but neither are the others. The *best solution (cms) is dependent on the business requirements at hand. Pigeon-holing a project into a cms because a bunch of fanboys say it is best is not very professional. I will tell you without a doubt that Wordpress has some of the worst code I have ever seen. So if that is important to you than you should stay far away from Wordpress. Drupal 8 is amazing in every aspect but it is HUGE, employees MANY advanced patterns, and just all around a very steep learning curve. The only thing I can really say about Joomla is that I haven’t heard much about it lately. I think that project is on its way to the dustbin… especially with Drupal 8 now being mostly object-oriented code and the most power of any cms out of the box. Drupal powers MANY media and news websites on an enterprise level scale. Drupal 8 is like I said amazing from code, ui, and site building capabilities out of the box… not with a gad-zillion half-ass Wordpress plugins to even get you to a quarter of the power that Drupal 8 has out of the box. Realse candidate is probably about a month or two away so now is the time to jump on board. So my recommendation would be Drupal 8.– modern code, responsive admin ui, large community, powerful site building components, continuous integration tools, and slew of customization paths. If you appreciate good code don’t use Wordpress because having to do any type of programming on it will make you want to cry – globals everywhere, lack of namespaces, lack of object-oriented code, and just all around pretty much a gigantic trash heap from a architectural stand-point with no change in sight.

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Usually these type of questions are posted by content aggregators who are in it for the ad revenue. Nothing wrong with that at all but if this is the case you should see how compatible these CMSs are with advertising platforms like Google AdSense.

I’m a WordPress guy, and biased. But the biggest reason I recommend wordpress is their faster development cycle. The can roll out updates much faster than either drupal or joomla. When a security issue is found the WP security team will jump on it and release a fix within weeks.

Drupal 8 will have a much faster release cycle that not only fixes bugs but also adds major functionality to the core system such as; porting well known contributed modules to core. This ground breaking change in philosophy is thanks to the new modern, object-oriented architecture with a focus on improving continuous enhancement workflow.

Most security vulnerabilities on open source platforms are caused by contributed code not core. To avoid these issues it is important to not only vet contributed code but devote oneself to an ecosystem that enforces quality and doesn’t allow anything less to be added to the contributed repo. Wordpress contrib has no level of quality control in comparison to Drupal where there exists a fair level of vetting and oversight for new modules to be submitted to drupal.org repo.

No we can answer this for you!
There’s nothing that you cannot do with wordpress!
I have created themes for personal website to very very customized websites.

Go with wordpress!
Not because its my favorite, because its better than drupal.


if you thinking as SEO wordpress is your choice.Is the best CMS to create a Web.
thaks in advance

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Best platform, imo, probably Drupal 8.

Easiest platform, imo, probably WordPress.

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Most under-considered platform, imo, b2evolution

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