New website shows 23 clicks with zero earnings

i put up a new website about medieval clothing that i acquired from someone and put adsense on it… it has gotten 23 clicks in the past 2 1/2 days and shows zero earnings from that. how is that possible?? the site is ranked in google with a PR3 and does not have any other type of pay per click ads on it…

anyone know why??


Each click won’t necessarily earn you any money. It depends on a number of things, most importantly being how valuable the ads being shown were.

Medieval clothing is kind of a niche, so most of the ads on there would also be niche ads. Because niche ads aren’t highly competitive, the cost of them is quite low.

Give it time. Google Adsense won’t make you rich by any means (unless of course you’re Google ;)). Give it time. =p


You should get rid of the 468x60px banners and use medium rectangles.
Also you should replace “Related Links” with “Sponsored Links” or “Advertising”.
Your version is against AdSense TOS.

I think that 23 clicks are good for new site. Adsense need patience.

yes $0 for 23 clicks is pretty low :slight_smile:
I guess those clicks were not natural, don’t know why.