Few clicks on adsense but no value


I had few clicks on my adsense yesterday, but the earing is $0, anyone know why? I do not click on my own ads.

the clicks may be considered as invalid clicks. Normally people with less traffic or if your asking your friends to click the ads, then it will not generate any $$ .

Try to work on traffic = key for $$ !

Thanks a lot!

It could be clicks on "public service ads"which are not paid.

What are"public service ads"? How do I filter out those Public Service ads?

Another question:

Why is it that in the Google Analytics says I earned x amount and in the google adsense account says 0 for the same amount of clicks?

You can’t filter those ads… you can only prevent them for showing. What Google does is that they will show PSA when they are no matching ads to show on your pages. So whenever possible, include a lot of content on your page to increase the chance of showing relevant ads.

As for your questions on the adsense and analytics difference… maybe someone else can answer…

Thanks a lot!