New to web design need advice

Apologies as this has probably been posted many times in the past!

I am totally new to web site development and would like some advice on how I should begin learning?

My goal is to be able to create professional websites for my business, the websites will probably be fairly simple in terms of functionality.

From what I understand, the basic starting points are HTML and CSS? Are there any resources on Sitepoint that has these topics (I am subscribed as a premium member)

Any other helpful information and links would be very greatly appreciated!

Sure, book and courses, such as these:

Choose a clear cut navigation for a new website. Choose best hierarchy rule for new website. Include sidebar with body section.
avoid flash and heavy graphics or animated pics. Use light CSS and JavaScript with proper use of HTML for a website. Analyze text ratio with HTML and make good balance. Choose SEO friendly website template which should be easy to understand for visitors.

@semidot: the question here is mainly about what to learn, but if you want to offer advice on how to design the site, then you need to do so in a way that will be helpful to a beginner. Simply making a list of points tells him nothing.

Why? IMHO, not every site requires a sidebar.

I’ve been building sites for years and I don’t understand this.

Please provide proper explanations in any reply, but especially when replying to a newcomer.


I never said that sidebar necessary for a website. Use sidebar according to necessity but keep in mind that website architecture should be clear and easy to understand for first time visitor.

Now, second thing is analyze text ratio with HTML. It means we need to provide knowledgeable content to website’s readers. If we do not contain enough content on website, Google takes it seriously and count thin pages.

Thanks for all your advice everyone! I will use the links you guys have provided :slight_smile:

You definitely need to learn
html - to create a web page
css - to make it look nice

You probably should learn
a bit of javascript - for the interactive/pop-up/moving things that happen within the page (or skip straight to jquery to make it easy) is a fantastic resource.

If you want to introduce a database, look into mysql & php.

A word of caution
You have to know html & some css - I think all web developer would agree on that - but after that there are endless options.
Every web developer has their own preferences.
Some will tell you need to use a css framework (like bootstrap), others prefer to make their own - I do my own, but vaguely based on this -
I learnt ‘raw’ javascript, but never use it now, I always use jquery (a javascript library, really easy to use). If I was starting out now I think I’d just learn jquery, but others might think you need the full understanding of javascript, or may recommend other libraries.

Just remember, google is your friend, the forums are your friends, but everyone has a biased opinion. Always double check what you are being told before you get stuck in.

Good luck.

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