Understand HTML Principles with Your First Website

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Published January 2015

Learn to code the language of the web

They call HTML “the markup language of the web”, and for good reason: every web page is rendered in HTML in some way. It’s simple, it’s powerful, and it’s essential knowledge for those of us who want to code websites.

With nothing more than a text editor and a browser, Guilherme shows you how to use the main HTML tags to code the semantic markup of a professional web page. You’ll also learn to test and validate your code for cross-device and cross-browser compatibility.

Guilherme’s work was reviewed by Aleksander Koko, so if you’re an HTML beginner, you’re in good hands here.

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What you'll learn

This course covers HTML basics and best practices, and teaches you to use the language to structure web pages.

  • Understand how markup works.
  • Learn to code semantic, clean HTML.
  • Master the main HTML tags.
  • Validate and test your code for compatibility.
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Guilherme Muller

Guilherme is a freelance full-stack developer with over 10 years of experience working with websites. With a passion for HTML and CSS, he specializes in the intricacies of building and structuring web pages and layouts.

Lesson 1: Course Introduction
Introduction 1:13
Lesson 2: Getting started with HTML
What is HTML? 4:28
Your First HTML Page 8:02
Lesson 3: Working with HTML
Main Text Tags 5:52
Images and Media 4:44
List Tags 4:11
Linking in HTML 10:15
Other Text and Formatting Tags 6:35
Lesson 4: Structuring Your HTML Layout
Head Tags 7:31
Structural Tags 7:44
Table Tags 7:24
Form Tags 13:15
HTML Entities and Page Encoding 3:34
Lesson 5: Testing your HTML
HTML Versions 8:47
Code Validation 6:33
Testing and Compatibility Tools 3:58
Lesson 6: Course Conclusion
Conclusion 0:52

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