How to start learning web development from start?


As I am an SEO Specialist and have been working since 7 years, just thinking to start learning web development as this would help me a lot in order tune up on-site perfect if find any issue in client’s website?


For sure, understanding how things work will make you better. But I’m not quite sure what you’re asking.

simply, i am just planning to start learning web development. i want from where i should start this from basic. . .

Everybody learns so differently that it’s hard to say. When I started, I got a book (Whose writing style I liked - look through a bunch before just randomly picking one from the shelf), then I just started taking apart other peoples’ websites to see how they worked. This should be really easy now since there are free downloadable templates all over the place. Start simple - I wouldn’t even worry about responsive just yet. But maybe find a template you like and then start messing with it. As you make changes and go through your book it should start making sense pretty quickly. That’s how I learn - but like I said everyone’s so different, that may not work for you.

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Thanks tornadoali,

Yes, you are right. I am doing such messing up with different types of websites, as my profession is web marketing.

But, now i thought that i should start this to learn it properly theoretically and practically, if I want to become an expert in this field as well.


Start with HTML and CSS. There are lots of good books on this. Your SEO work will main affect these, so that’s why I suggest starting there. They are also the easiest parts of web design to tackle. After that, if you are really keen, move on to JavaScript—as that’s the other main area of a site that your SEO practices might affect / deal with.

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Learn PHP ,Mysql,HTML,CSS from w3schools.

from anywhere but that antiquated site - the two guys who own that site can’t keep up with all the changes to the various languages as they are trying to cover way too many.

I will suggest you to choose a better book for HTML/CSS like “HTML And CSS - Design And Build Websites”, or there is a lot of websites for example the best for me is : /

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Thanks Ralph,
let me start from basic HTML & CSS.
I would also research to finalize 1-2 good books based on it to start learning along with.

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