Getting Started with CSS

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Published July 2015

.css { for: absolute beginners; }

Getting started with CSS takes you through the absolute basics of CSS. Watch as Russ, our CSS master teaches you all about CSS, without requiring you to have any previous knowledge of CSS. You’ll finally understand that CSS lingo you hear everywhere, but most importantly you’ll be able to put it into practice!

Chris Perry and M. David Green have both reviewed the course to make sure it’s exactly what you need.

Note: This course was published in 2015 and uses CSS 2.

Oh yeah, and the whole SitePoint library! Learn More.

What you'll learn

In this course you’ll learn the basics of CSS:

  • Write CSS rules
  • Understand selectors, inheritance and the Cascade
  • Understand the difference between block and inline elements
  • Master the basics of CSS positioning
  • Understand and implement CSS floats
  • Closed captions available
Meet your instructor
Russ Weakley

Russ is a world-renowned author, speaker and CSS expert. Russ has a detailed knowledge of Design and development. His expertise covers graphic design, interface design, site architecture and standards based development.

Lesson 1: Applying CSS to Web Pages
Course Introduction 1:32
Some Definitions 6:41
Inline Styles 1:32
Header Styles 1:37
External Style Sheets 3:03
Lesson 2: CSS Rules
CSS Rules 8:36
Multiple Selectors 1:53
Multiple Declarations 2:33
CSS Comments 2:30
Lesson 3: CSS Selectors
Type Selectors 3:42
Class Selectors 3:18
ID Selectors 3:14
Universal Selectors 1:46
Descendant Selectors 4:07
Child Selectors 1:57
Adjacent Sibling Selectors 2:00
Link Pseudo-class Selectors 6:15
Lesson 4: CSS Inheritance
What is inheritance? 1:53
Why is inheritance helpful? 2:16
Which Properties 2:36
Using Inheritance for Efficiency 3:03
Lesson 5: CSS Cascade
Understanding the CSS Cascade 6:54
CSS Specificity Exercise 3:58
Order Specified 0:40
Lesson 6: Block and Inline
Block 9:45
Inline 5:40
Inline-block 6:54
Lesson 7: CSS Positioning
Understanding CSS Positioning 1:30
Absolute Positioning 8:15
Relative Positioning 4:53
Fixed Positioning 5:15
Three Key Differences 4:48
Lesson 8: CSS Floats
Understanding CSS Floats 6:18
Floating a Block-level Element 3:23
Floating an Inline Element 2:37
Clearing Floats 4:00
Lesson 9: CSS Backgrounds
Background-image 5:01
Background-repeat 4:10
Background-position 7:00
Background-attachment 1:54
Background-color 4:50
Background 2:46
Lesson 10: Print CSS
The Link Method 2:51
The @import Method 3:05
The @media Method 2:23
Best Method? 6:18
Lesson 11: Conclusion
Course Conclusion 1:13

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