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Can someone give me a general guidelines about web design ? I manage somehow to make my own website but not professional enough. I want to learn the latest technology.

Begin with CSS and HTML. From there you may want to start your journey into MYSQL / PHP driven websites and some javascript :slight_smile: Note that PHP seems to be the most common starting point for web developers, but other languages are available such as Perl, C, Java and ASP.

You can also look at websites you like and study how they were done by looking at the source code and using the [right click] > Inspect Element developer tools in browsers like Chrome. There are lots of books here at SitePoint, including books on visual design.

First you must be equipped with knowledge of css, javascript, html well.Then you start to build one website and I believe you will do a good job of web design.
I wish you success

Thank you all for your prompt responses. I know something from here and there about programming languages except ASP. I will look the links you have posted me. Is it better to by books or hunt for tutorials in the internet ?

[FONT=verdana]I suggest you don’t worry about PHP, ASP, Perl, etc. for now.

The fundamental tools that you need to start with are HTML and CSS. Once you are proficient with those, the next step would be to learn the basics of Javascript. The other languages mentioned above are intended for more advanced developers. All being well, you will fall into that category eventually, but don’t jump right into it until you have learned the basics.


Thanks Mike.

oh thanks. I will do

I agree with Miki. Learn HTML and CSS first. Understanding the box model is very important (margins/paddings/borders…).

Get to know the browsers and see how different sites look in them. When developing your site also test it in IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera. There is loads of tutorials on the web but nothing is better than a proper book which will walk you through it from A - Z. Sitepoint books are high standard.

If you looking for quick tag reference go to http://www.w3schools.com/

Hope this helps.

Or even better, use the Sitepoint reference. :slight_smile:

Off Topic:

See w3fools.com for reasons why w3schools is not recommended.

I started learning HTML and CSS from W3Schools. So far it OK. There are a lot of examples.

Here the existence of the w3fools website has been pointed out, I had a quick look at it. I can see the point that w3schools might not be the best. I don’t take the w3schools as a definite reference and I would not recommend to anyone to waste time on the w3schools certifications, but as a quick reference here and there it does the job.

[FONT=verdana]Considering how many excellent reference sources there are for HTML and CSS (not least is the Reference section here on Sitepoint), why bother with a questionable source like W3Schools?


I overlooked the link given to w3fools.com. Oh God! I will use then other references. Thanks !

Every day new technologies are evolving such as instrument, software and phone. In the field of web design you can also find many new techniques and tools which will benefit in increasing your skill. These fields require constant update with latest skill and techniques. There are various ways to learn and improve the knowledge such as google alert and sole tutorials which will assist you in building more advanced and powerful web design.

Thanks henrywinsett!
can you please explain what you mean by “google alert and sole tutorials” ?

gzeru, when you say your site isn’t professional enough, what exactly do you mean by this?

Knowing HTML and CSS inside out aren’t going to enable you to make correct design decisions or execute what you have in your head correctly. Maybe look into Photoshop classes to.

The website I developed had elements which I copied from here and there. Now I am concentrating on HTML, CSS and Javascript. I hope this is the right approach. Photoshop ? I have no idea about Photoshop.


Sounds good to me. :slight_smile:

Neither do I. (I use GIMP.) You’ll need something for editing/optimising photos and perhaps creating background images, buttons etc., but not for actual site design. Some people like to draw up a design in Photoshop and then set about recreating it with CSS, but I prefer to design in CSS from the start.

I missed your earlier question about whether to learn from books or internet tutorials. My preference (and the way I learned web design) is to use books. That way, you generally get a good, logical progression from basics to more advanced material. Tutorials are very handy later on, when you have something specific in mind, but aren’t sure how to do it. A quick search on the internet will usually provide something helpful.

I have read enough about HTML and CSS and now I am in the phase of learning-by-doing.
“Sitepoint reference” has good examples and explanations.