New Site Best CMS 4 Custom Checkout and Freelance help!?

Hello all,

I am in need of a functional ecommerce website which has the ability to allow customers to sell their goods to me aswell as allowing them to purchase goods from me like a normal store.

Shopify would have been an easy low cost route for me if I only needed the standard Store function, however I will now explain what I wish visitors to be able to do.

Visitor wishes to trade in their item. They will search the sell page to find the product it is they wish to sell (electronics niche). They will see what price I offer for each grade model etc. If they are happy with the offer price, they will click add to cart. They will then checkout filling details in but instead of going to payment, they will enter the information for which they wish to be payed ie bank transfer (and third party payment providers). They will then click submit and a sell order is created just as it would if they were purchasing online.

I am pretty sure Shopify will not be able to give this feature and it will most likely be custom.

My store will only be small so Magenta sounds too much for what CMS I need.

Woocommerce I think will allow this feature however I have no clue about website developement.

Can anyone suggest a suitable CMS? Will I need to hire a developer or is it simple enough to do myself?

Thanks for reading guys+Gals, and I look forward to your replies and help!


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