Wordpress and Woocommerce, Shopify Enterprise?

I am currently hosting with 3dcart. I find they are just very pitiful. The lack of 3rd party apps and features in some cases is bad. I think our company has about outgrown the abilities of 3dcart.

Shopify looks like it has a lot of features. For our business we would likely end up on the Enterprise plan for $2000 a month.

That stings a little as we currently are paying $200 a month on and old 3dcart legacy plan. The new 3dcart plans are 500+ a month and big commerce was $1000+.

I do not think big commerce has the ability to do what we need though. They do not support a shipping manager app that we need. They were unable to calculate shipping for multiple box sizes and weights in one order. The app does that but the app developer does not work with them.

We also are considering Woocommerce. I used to have a few little websites with wordpress. I have made many small sites but never an eCommerce one.

Would it be the best choice? I think hosting would be a good bit cheaper. Is it as secure? Easy enough to edit?

I would think an open source platform would also have more ability to customize things. Shopify seems more well known though.

Hello there, don’t know if I’m too late or not but if you still considering cart migration, I will go with my personal tier list and recommend WooCommerce (I just prefer open source for total control instead of hosted).
WooCommerce has 3 advantages over Shopify: customization, pricing and SEO.

  • Customization: Yeah WooComerce is the absolute victor here, open source, large developing community, Shopify has no chance. But, do note that Shopify standard themes have clean and professional looks, something that while WooCommerce themes do have but on the same level.
  • Pricing: Shopify packs quite a bit of feature into their plans, so of course, they are expensive, some of which you do not use. For WooCommerce, they are open source, that means they are free, you just pay for host and domain (which is about $4/month) and feature you really need. Also if you need more feature the price won’t jump sky high like when you switch plans.
  • SEO: Three words: Yoast SEO plugin (well technically 5). Yes, Shopify has SEO tools that can help with basic optimization, but nothing can come close to Yoast. It is such a strong tool to get visitors to your site, help you keep content at the highest quality, etc.

Btw, why don’t you consider Magento?

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