Approaching development of e-commerce site

Hey all,

I’m interested in starting an e-commerce site and was considering developing the online shop using a hosted platform ( But now I’m thinking maybe I should setup a self-hosted wordpress site using an e-commerce theme/plugin to test my business idea which will save me the $30/month or so fee for Shopfy while I test if my business idea is viable.

Anyone have experience/thoughts on the WooCommerce WP plugin? Also, should I try an all inclusive e-commerce theme or will I need a combination of an e-comm theme and plugin? Please point me in the right direction!

Thanks in advance.

Woocommerce only works with their themes to my knowledge (as far as I know, this may have changed, YMMV, etc), so if you want something custom you’re on your own for coding.

Keep in mind that $30/mo is not a lot of money in the grand scheme of things. If shopify is easier to use, set up and customize, that $30 will more than pay for itself in the time you save. If you go the woocommerce/self-hosted WP/custom theme route you’re basically paying with your time instead. Odds are you’ll use up far more than $30 worth of your time fighting with wordpress and plugins.

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Using your own hosting means you have to deal with your own security, so bear that in mind, too. I’m not sure what payment options Shopify offers, or how it relates to gateways etc. But I’d check out that situation too before deciding, because that side of things can become quite expensive.