.NET vs. .ORG in terms of pagerank

If you had 2 business websites and one was .net and the other was .org, with one would do better with search engines?

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In my opinion .net is better and very popular worldwide…

It won’t really matter if the website ends in .org, .net, .biz, .net etc.

What will really matter with regards to the ranking of your website in search engines, as well as how many visitors it attracts, is the content of your website.

This has to be of high quality and useful. In this way it will make other website reference your site, and hence increase its search engine rankings.

We do not think this will affect in anyway.
Pagerank mostly depends upon content.


For business names better use .biz domain names. But that will not improve or hurt your SEO in any way. Content is king for SEO not domain name.

The top level domain makes no more difference to SEO than what type of cheese you eat does.

In terms of SEO there would be no difference between .net and .org. The .net might be easier for you to establish a business brand with, as many people still associate .org with non-profit organizations.

Doesn’t effect PR but I think .net is better than .org for a business if you can’t get a .com

Anyway if you plan to develop your own brand then better come up with a good name and buy both .com .net.

A .biz would be even better than .net since .com and .biz are the ones that are supposed to be used for business.

I don’t know how people out there weigh things, but generally I’d pay more for a .net than a .biz. Could be just the bias of being too old and fond of dinosaurs. :slight_smile:

But for SEO, there would be no difference.

If they are both available then the best option is to get both.

No, best option will be .net as far as TLD popularity is concerned. .biz is not popular much. Even though if it a business website and .com is not available even with variations, .biz is better that .net because .net is mostly for networks.


Your answer doesn’t make sense unless the number of people searching for a .biz site is negative.

Only then would you not be better off spending the extra couple of dollars a year to redirect the .biz to the .net

Honestly, if you believe that domain extension has any effect in PR, I would suggest you NOT to start any type of business yet and wait for a few years (be sure to read about search engines during this period)

I usually prefer .net

Why when it makes no difference whatever to SEO?

I would disagree. The .biz is very much a third or fourth choice TLD and and .net still is one of the most recognised TLDs globally.