.org vs. com - which is preferred?


I have a .com domain and .org domain for an open source product my company is launching. I can technically and officially use both.

Which is preferred? Is there an advantage to using .org (does it rank higher)?

Any comments are appreciated :slight_smile:

I don’t believe there is an SEO advantage particular to either .com or .org.

From the Search Engine Optimization FAQ:

Sites with .com rank higher then with <TLD here>

This is another common myth that is untrue. The only time a domain extension can affect your ranking is if the search is based by country. The country-specific TLDs (e.g. .co.uk) will have priority over non-country specific TLDs (e.g. .com or .net).

One observation many make is that .coms tend to rank higher then other domain extensions. They assume it is because .coms are given preferential treatment. This is a poor assumption. .coms seem to rank higher then other extensions because they are by for more popular then any other domain extension (there are more .coms than .net, .org, .biz, .edu, .gov, and .info combined) so they naturally have a greater chance of ranking higher vs other domain extensions through sheer quantity alone. .coms also tend to be older sites so they have had a chance to establish themselves whereas newer domain extensions have not. They have also used this time to acquire more backlinks which is an important factor in search engine algorithms.

It is also commonly believed that .gov and .edu sites are given preferential treatment from search engines. This is also untrue. Web pages on .edu and .gov domains tend to rank well because they contain quality content and many webmasters will link to their content as a result. Both of these are key elements in SEO. But the fact that they are .edu or .gov domains does not benefit them directly in the SERPs.

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Just ignore what stymiee said and take .com :stymiee:

Do it before he registers your .com :)))

You should pick the domain name that corresponds to your websites nature (organizations get org, companies get com) but by up the .com, .org and .net domains to stop squatters and redirect people who may have typed in the wrong extension.

For whatever it’s worth, I think .com domains tend to fetch more money, if you ever decided to sell it. In the meantime, why not buy both?

I use .org for almost all of my websites, especially my political sites. But I also have educational/commercial sites (online advertising). I think .com is a little tacky for domain names other than purely commercial sites.

.org for the free / open source part of your project.

Resolve the .com to a different site if there is a commercial aspect to it ( like providing paid support / development options ). If not, just resolve the .com to the .org domain.

…with a 301 redirect. :wink:

In my experiance always go the .com if you can. If nothing else its always the first things people try when they know your name. Besides .com just sounds cooler lol

Nothing less. I just switched coldfusion servers to linux just to have htaccess capabilities

.com is by far the most widely known, most used and most valuable TLD. As was already mentioned, end users will often add “.com” to your company name or product name when going to visit websites. Just another added bonus of going .com

.org might be useful just to help instill the fact that the project is open source. It seems like a suitable TLD for those types of projects. A question for you, though - is your project both open source and free, or just open source? For those who may be wondering why I asked that… open source does not always mean free.

Browsers can bbe configured to automatically try adding TLDs to the end if one wasn’t specified. In those instances .com is usually the first one they try.

Why not register both to be on the safe side.

Registering both the domains would be a better idea.

I myself only buy and invest into .com domain names, I will not buy any other unless needed.

I think .org domains sound better in ears of internet users, especially for opensource project.

What is your domain name I will register .com for you (:

There are too many retarded .com scavengers running automated sites. Making less .com domains available for them is good deed for whole internet community.

I think he already owns both…

What are the advantages to using a 301 redirect rather than just pointing both domains at the same place?