.COM or not .COM that is a question

Hello guys. Sorry to bother you before Christmas, but one question does not let me sleep well :slight_smile: Hope you help me. Here’s the situation:

I own a *.net domain (4-char long) and have a website on it. I have plans to launch a commercial business with this 4-char long name and decided to look around for a *.com name. The truth is - i found that this domain is captured by… em… how they name it… cybersquaters or cybersquerrels… ? never mind :). I asked for a price and the answer was $1500.

Soo… could you give me an advice. Should I invest into *.com name for a commercial website, or just promote my *.net name with a commercial website on it ? Is a big difference between *.com and *.net names in SEO. Or maybe I shoud look for *.co variation ? Thank you in advance.

The top level domain makes no difference whatsoever for SEO - the search engines ignore it completely. The only people who will be affected by your choice will be those who type in the address manually.

we had this issue recently where someone also thought that some top level domains ranked higher than others in search engines.

I agree with felgall. the domain name has nothing to do with your page ranking. it is your content that determines your ranking.

when you think about it. if you’ve a got a really good high ranking web page, why should what the url is to get to that page make any difference in the content’s ranking?

I second to what felgall and Kalon said. It is the content and not the domain name important in SEO. You can see .info domains ranking better than .com domain for few keywords.

So you think it is not worth to invest into *.com domain and just use my existing .net domain for commercial and not commercial purposes ?

Both .com and .net are free-for-all domains with no restriction on what the are used for.

Gave a computer library class… would do the if you know where you are going type here if you don’t know use the search. Also all the people who typed, typed .com. squaters okay, direct competitor not so okay, do check every now and then.

Thats the bad news, the good news, most went ooops. One suggestion if you are going to have the web addy on a business card or in print, put the website addy big and in the face with .net. Not tiny little print at the bottom.

With out knowing the business and the premise of bringing people to the site, I would ask myself for $1500 (I am assuming this is just the asking price, not the heres the cash price) can I change to another site name if I needed? how long and how quick would the impact be? Is the term risk assessment correct? You need to line item out your risks.

Most everything I have done? .other then .com is just fine.

I can not other than agree with Stephen. I think the time, if it was ever an issue, that it was important to have a .com domain are long gone. Title, description in combination with actual content is what counts

Thank you techmichelle and others. Really helped to make a decision. Merry Christmas and have a great time.

I love .com and .net’s, especially when .net’s are at eWeb Domains for only $6. You can find a lot of keyword rich .net domains that aren’t available as .com’s :eek:

i think you must go ahead with your .net … invest that 1500 in seo…

I think .net domains is better than .com domains. As for SEO, the content and linking strategy is more important.

.Com is really good domain name extension and that is memorable one. But if you do not have opportunity to get domain name you want why don’t just take it with prefix?

COM is the king…but if you prefer to be just a count or baron then it’s your choice. Unfortunately, if your business will reach high levels then you will upgrade to a COM…and then you will get it much more expensive.

I agree. But there are all good domain names taken. Really hard to find something unique and outstanding.

True… However, when the preferred domain name is not available, it’s always worth trying altering the domain name a little. It is important to register domains relating your business name and area of business at the earliest.