.net or .com

I wish to book a domain name, I am unsure whether to book .com or .net or may be .org

The site will be entirely for the purpose of earning some money through google adsense by getting hits from search engines. Is there any impact of domain name extension on SERP?

There’s no difference between .com, .net or .org in terms of search ranks. The differences are only in human perception.

I would always pick the .com first if the are all available unless one of the other extensions works really well with your name.

While I do agree with Dan in terms of there being no difference except for human perception you should not underestimate perception or behavior, the majority of ordinary web users will often default to typing .com (as it is the most percieved to be common extension if they do not know or remember the complete website address) therefore if the .com is available it may be a good choice to go with. :slight_smile:

We also would recommend the use of a .com name if it were available. If not either .net or .org is OK - however .org normally denotes an organisation that may not necessarily be for profit.

If you are looking at what is best for human perception then get both.

Get bot. That is not expensive and that would be good investigation into the further projects of you

the other one “com”
it’s looks better to me!

.net is just a preferred second choice.

.com is good because of peoples habits like think every website is .com.

But sometimes it can be almost impossible to get a good .com name. I would rather have catfood.net then mostandchewythusrsdaycatfood.com.

For search engines it doesn’t matter. For real people get both if you can.

Also stop wasting time worrying about trivial things like which TLD and spend the time on more valuable persuits such as content writing and marketing.

dot com only works great for direct traffic… However when it comes to search engine traffic it doesn’t really matter whether it’s dot com or dot net …

even though there is no difference in .com, .net and .org in terms of how google ranks them, people’s recognition and preference towards .com sites will generate much more traffic and attention which will yield better results for your adsense!

having both will usually generate even more traffic than having just one particularly if you put different pages on each.

While that is a very good point, there is a large trend of people typing URL’s directly into search engines rather than the address bar (especially if they have google et al as their homepage) which is affective in both direct and indirect traffic. I guess Google got to that stage where people genuinely believed it was the Internet. :slight_smile:

I think taking the com and net is the best thing, they are both not that expensive and you don’t run the risk that someone else gets the Domain and offers similar services under the same name only with net


i suggest to go for DOT COM.

It is. They’re renaming it the Googlenet. :stuck_out_tongue:

The internet is a series of googs! see every now and again these googs get clogged up and you need to send the little spiders in to clean it! :lol:

Interesting thought in here. I guess soon we have it online. But in any case they are professionals and I like their approach in any way they are in.