Using .biz domain name. Good or Bad?

Hi all. A quick search shows this has in the past been discussed to death though most of these discussions seem quite dated now and obviously times and the web change.

I am of the opinion (though could be way wrong) that from a SEO perspective that using the .biz isn’t detrimental and it’s the pre .domain text that makes the difference in ranking/listings, though I accept there is some perception issues of web users attached to this.

This is relevant to me as I would prefer to have the pre .domain text which is better from an SEO perspective with a .biz rather than have to choose an alternative which may perform poorly from a SEO perspective just for the privelage of having a .com or whatever and all the other domains other than .biz for my preferred title are taken (whether that’s a sign of something or not I’m not sure)

Any up to date info, experiences and insights would be very much appreciated (or does all this not really matter and I’m wasting both your and my time ?)

On that point all the best for the New Year and I hope to hear from someone soon.

as far as I know the .biz is not detrimental.

(happy new year to you, too!)

Eh, I wouldn’t – .biz just isn’t…popular

I never see any high ranking biz domains, unless they are unheard of keywords. I’d rather go with a info if anything.

take it for what its worth, but when someone googles things they can see the domain name. browsers are getting smarter and smarter and i never visit .biz names.

if people really used .biz for business sites, yeah they’d be great, but until they are popularly used that way, they will remain borderline worthless. One of the worst extensions created in my opinion.

Biz may not be the most popular gTLD (like com, net and org) however it does have it’s benefits. People do recognise it as an extension for businesses and public awareness for it is pretty good (as much as .info). It would be perfectly find as far as choosing a domain for SEO purposes (unless your trying to target a country explicitly and then you should have the ccTLD for your nation in preference) :slight_smile:

I have one .biz and this is doing great for years.
I am happy with this.

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May be you should try out a slight variation on that name and search for .com, just my thought.

If you are looking at it from a search engine viewpoint then .biz or .com will not make any difference at all as search engines ignore the TLD.

It is only where people type in the address themselves where .com has an advantage because it is higher on the list of TLD that will be automatically added if the person doesn’t type it in and so if they type in example and both and exist they’ll be taken to

i agree for the most part, but alot of people do look at the domain name listed under the listing. .biz can be a huge turnoff because its not legitimately used for business sites. As more and more internet browsers truely learn about how the web works, i think .biz will become borderline worthless apart from an seo anchor within a mini-net of sites.

Domain name as well as domain name extension do not influence on the SEO. But your domain name should be as short as possible and memorable. They are 2 most important factors for the domain name choice