Is My Niche or Article Writing Okay?

I have been thinking of ways to improve my blog traffic and sales .
i was told to write good content. i have been trying to do that.
i want you my friends to take a look at my blog and let me know if my niche or article writing is okay or not? And how to improve it.
Thank You.
My blog is

In this post, I haven’t see quality that a 1st to improve, and you need a good write for your blog, that was not enough content to enhance blog traffic as well sales.

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I will try write more articles. thank you

Your article-writing aside, what is the purpose of your blog? Your home page is extremely long - do you really expect people to read the entire page? How do they know what is to come later? You overuse bold and italics - it is very tiring on the eyes.


The site is good but try to improve the content of the site, do some research and use the same fonts throughout the post and best luck.

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i will try and correct all this. thanks

thank you for you generous advise.i will do my best

I have to agree with gandalf that the bolds and italics are a huge problem, making reading seem like a chore. No one is going to even read your content, regardless of its quality, if you present it that way. The very poor grammar is also very repellent, and the ads to the side stretch the page. I know you asked for advice about your content, but no one is even going to even give your content a chance until you fix these problems.

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Thanks for your advice. i will fix this

Well, there are some serious issues with the blog.

  • First fold of the blog isn’t impressive.
  • Font & size of the content is the real problem, no one would be interested to read. Make sure that you use same font and size throughout the blog.
  • Quality of the content is not good. See through that your content is clear, concise and grammatically correct.
  • Purpose of the blog is not clear.
    Fix these issues immediately, if you are looking out for readers.
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Thanks for your advise. i will start making all the changes as you have said. i will let you know when all is done so that you take look at it again.

i wrote an article today. this is the link . i want to check it if is okay before i beginning working on the others

Personally, and probably because I make my fair share of typos, I am relatively forgiving of other’s errors.
But for every error I notice, my opinion of the site diminishes a bit and after a certain number of errors any willingness I may have had for doing anything more than giving the site a brief glance is gone.

No offense intended, but I’m assuming that English is not your native language.
If this is correct, I think the best thing you could do is write your content in your native language, and consider registering the domain with an appropriate TLD.
Doing this would almost guarantee better SERP results and your task of writing content would be much simpler.
If for whatever reason you must have content written in English then it would be best for it to be written properly without so many errors.

Learning a second language to a degree that would pass as being seen as “native” is not an easy task. If you have the option to do so, “immersion” could be very helpful. Immersion is kind of a “tossed into the deep end sink or swim” experience but learning is accelerated.


Thanks for the comments. well noted.

And seem you are running a business for your site. Why don’t you use wordpress as the medium of your platform. For this it was quite friendly and easy to customized. Unlike blogger, its not seo friendly.

Your site is very confusing when it comes to links.

You have headings which are blue and underlined. Most web users will be familiar with the convention of blue, underlined text as indicating a link, but these are not links.

Your images are marked-up as links, but the link only displays the image, which is also confusing. What is the purpose of having that link?

Some of your actual links are to articles with further information, which might be of genuine interest to your readers, while others simply go to the Amazon page for the product. In every case, you have used the product name for the link and made no attempt to indicate where the link leads. Most readers would assume, I think, that the same anchor text leads to the same destination every time.

Your own affiliate link appears thirteen times in the space of one short article. That’s excessive, and looks very much as if it’s the only part of the content you really care about.

I would also strongly suggest you remove the earlier, plagiarised content from your site. e.g. the Kindle “review”, which is copied from Wikipedia.

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Try to fix your fonts first, make it uniform and limit the color. The simpler the better.

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