Any social network owners would like to share their experience?

I’m starting a social network (not a general one but with a niche) and I’d like to ear other social network owners experiences!

What is your Social Network about? How many hours do you work on your website? What takes you more time (marketing, checking content / moderating, coding)? Do you like it? Can you make enough money to live from it? What software did you use? etc.

I plan on getting new members through SEO. But of course it’s empty and I need initial content in it. What is the best way(s) to do this?
Anybody has an experience with this?

What I was thinking :

  • Make a contest
  • Pay people to enter initial content
  • ??

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

I’m not sure I follow. You are making a whole new network? Or are you going to work with an existing network like facebook? It seems to me you would want to consider integrating with some existing networks like facebook and twitter as it would make it easier for people login with existing profiles and start interacting right away.

@dvduval : Yes, it’s a whole new network but it’s not a general network like Facebook, it has a niche.

There is already a “login with facebook” and twitter but it’s not an integration into Facebook, but I’m thinking on some app and other kind of stuff I could do.

I think making a contest is a good idea.
It of course depends on what kind of niche are you going into…
Simple content won’t give you everything. I think you need to have sth that would catch people, but also get them stopped into your network. The visitors who come into are good news, but the one-time visitors won’t satisfy your needs I suppose…
And additionally, it’d be a good idea to have accounts on other social networks (if only possible for your project).