What you know about Facebook Marketing?

Facebook is now the hugest social media channel. All the big boys are now using it and making mammoth revenues! So I think small businesses should leverage Facebook too.

What you think about Facebook Marketing?
Got any experience?
Any results?

Let’s exchange some knowledge about it :slight_smile:

A couple of days ago I started this thread http://www.sitepoint.com/forums/showthread.php?t=705210 about buying facebook fans to increase exposure of my business on Facebook. Honestly, you have to be careful when buying fans because I was scammed on my first attempt, but got great results on my second. I recommend it!

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Small businesses have the potential to leverage social as well, if not better, than big business. After all what is a small business if not a community? Your customers use you locally for specific benefits you offer and ideally return to you for those service advantages.

Turn your facebook page into the way they stay connected and you have an easy win. Don’t just post ads, share updates, feature expansions, open ended questions to improve the process. It takes more time but it’s engaging and since you’re local, something people will be more interested in collaborating with.

I think it has great potential, I am using it to run a competition for my new site <snip/> to run a competition. Every few months we give away a cheap bike to someone who ‘likes’ us in the hope it’ll attract attention! <snip/>