Using Social Media to Find Affiliates

I have an affiliate program to advertise saving money on Google Adwords. Social media has helped me find some really good leads but I’m looking for other ways to advertise this. What would you suggest?

How did you find them? Have you tried the so-many digital marketing Facebook group? If not, I suggest you to look into that venue, because it can be an incredible source of new leads for your affiliate program.

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Thank you for the suggestion! There are so many Facebook groups for digital marketing. I got a few affiliates from some of these groups. Thanks :slight_smile:

yes. good way to find new affiliates. even for mlm websites this trick works

What about joining about 10-20 forums and post there? Is that work for affiliate program? I mean if you have more than 40 forums with 20+ posts and then post about our affiliate product there.

Make sure you read their rules first, as not all forums allow self-promotion, or have specific areas for advertising.

We do not allow any form of self-promotion anywhere on the SitePoint forums.

Yeah i know that, i just asked.

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Sorry, @harnekeshav - I didn’t mean to sound as if I’m accusing you of bad intentions. I was just drawing attention to the fact, because while you’ve taken the time to read the rules and understand what is and isn’t allowed here, you’d be surprised how many folk do not. rolleyes As soon as somebody mentions forum posting, we get an influx of posts with Spam links. banghead

You can also share it on relevant websites and blogs.