Need the help in SEO?

hi friends

i have confusion while doing SEO! and few question

  1. I have website, related to graphic design, photography, wordpress

  2. While posting any post related to my title … should i select high ranked keywords ( in terms of volume ) or else, plz guide me, what should i do? i need proper advice. i am using google keyword tool

  3. i have installed SEO plugin, so, i am putting the title , description and keywords in the box.

  4. In regarding generating back links, i m doing social bookmarking…

  5. Can any one tell me? any free list of directories for submission of my websites ?

any more suggestion , and recommendation please guide me

Do u have uploaded a sitemap on Google search engine? if yes set the changes tag(i guess its changes) to daily (i.e. if u update it dialy) or weekly according to your needs(how much u update it) and in SEO patience is the key. let spider crawl your websites. once your sitemap.xml has the changes and is read by spider. it will update your ranking.
One of best way is whenever u upload/publish a topic make it tweet. (this is the right away publishing and SEO tool).
About free submission directories. can’t be of any help expect to Google it.
Hope it will help

yeah i uploaded the sitemap . but my question is that! how should i get the traffic , means how to optimize the keywords which i set on my title and post tags was well ???

As i told SEO needs patience. The more your website is clicked the more higher your ranking will move.

do u know? how to make authority links ?

no i don’t but what i know is worth telling. i have done SEO on sites who were on 10th page of Google and they came first. so experience speaks.

As Emaar said, it takes some time. Also:

  1. While posting any post related to my title … should i select high ranked keywords ( in terms of volume ) or else, plz guide me, what should i do? i need proper advice. i am using google keyword tool

Think of keywords as reminders of what your site focusses on. Your site is about Wordpress and graphics… if you are talking or blogging about those things, you will naturally (automatically) be using your keywords.

Think about it. If you have a site about dogs you really can’t accidentally not have your keyword “dogs” in the site, it’s in there naturally. People looking for Wordpress stuff and graphics want to find your site, and they will if it has stuff they are looking for. Don’t try to do math with keywords, just focus on having content that people are looking for.

In regarding generating back links, i m doing social bookmarking…

Be careful with this. You hear a lot of people telling you to do this. This can get too close to spam, though. If you are already a member of a social site and especially if your friends there or the site itself is about stuff like Wordpress and graphics, AND if you are part of the community there (you participate, talk about stuff that interests you and also talk about your knowledge of graphics, tools, etc for Wordpress) then your links might be a good thing there and matter.
Otherwise, your links will be like my signature: my sig doesn’t say anything interesting to you so you will not read it or click on it, which is fine. My sig here is for Python people. You see how it matters that the link is in the right context.

do u know? how to make authority links ?

I think what Emaar means is, as people find your site, they may choose to link to your site, to tell their visitors “hey check out this site”. Slowly over time, more and more people will have seen your site. If they like it, they will keep coming back and start telling their friends about it. If they don’t like it, they won’t come back. But this doesn’t happen too fast most of the time.

  1. i have installed SEO plugin, so, i am putting the title , description and keywords in the box.

Great, so this plugin is telling you when you do something wrong and what to do right. TItle is good, a good h1 tag for the title (in the text) of each page, the meta description tag is good… keywords, remember, are mostly for YOU to keep yourself on track as you write your content. So, assuming you’ve done everything correct, you just need to keep the site updated and relax, this takes some time.

If after a lot of time (months) pass and things aren’t moving, you could try some advertising to let people know about your site’s existence. Also ask people who do visit for feedback: do they find your site useful? If not, you know you need to change how you write your content, not the SEO.

SEO is a tool, not the goal. If you have an SEO plugin you are probably doing fine with the SEO stuff.

Though I just typed the url in my browser and get this message:

Error establishing a database connection

So, that’s not good. Fix that : )

Good luck.

Poes is right. As far as social networking is concerned. i have seen many people wanting to make its way to the top coz they want result as soon as possible and sometimes its so frustrating (waiting time for some) they will keep on repeating same, in that case u loose people appeal for your website. so the best way if ur looking for people coming back to ur site like poes said. do this

  1. if you have couple of section under your website lets says Graphics has its own section and Wordpress themes has its own. Tweet them seperately
  2. There are ways u can increase your retweet. try targeted words. like catcy sentencses.
  3. Everytime u write a article. Tweet it. separetely!
    As for SEO plugins. i never use any.if u want to monitor your website Traffic and ranking u should try Google Analytics its a great way to keep track on how your website is doing.
    lastly SEO is like a turtle. slowing, so patience is the key if u want SEO on ur side
    Hope it helps.

[QUOTE=Stomme poes;4541566]As Emaar said, it takes some time. Also:

yesterday, my site hacked, so, i m trying to back it as soon as possible… so , .waiting for the webmaster reply

awww that’s bad. don’t u have passwords etc for admin or is it changed too

What does this mean?

means that the higher traffic on your website. they higher the PR hence higher the Ranking while searching it on net. that ofcourse when there is content on your website

Hm I thought the thing called PR was separate/different from the thing that makes your site appear on a particular google page and the order it appears (which fluctuates sometimes by the hour I’ve seen!).



Thanks for playing the game though, we have some lovely parting prizes for you.

I’m sorry that’s not correct. PR is a mathematical value for the links coming into your site which is in turn transfered to pages within your site and so on, its has nothing to do with the amount of visitors you get.

I was under the impression that PR is just prestige and nothing else. As a matter of fact I read on another forum that a Google exec stated, and I quote “People tend to overhype PageRank, maybe we should consider calling it something else.”. Now I do not know what he meant by that, if it is overhyped then how come it has some weight when their crawlers are evaluating where your links are coming from. I was always under the impression that if you optimize your site both ON and OFF page was good enough to get indexed, then ranked and that in order to increase traffic you must promote. AT least that is what I DO and has worked so far.

Some quality links might be purchased with n problems, the best example could be about Yahoo Directory while lots of paid links might be a no no. As the sites get older, their authority could also grow, if contents and links are added to them.

Nope, PageRank is a link analysis algorithm. The ‘overhype’ comment was down to people thinking it was the secret to ranking well when it isn’t and never has been.

I would start by using low volume keywords, that would be your best chance to get ranked high on google

You should start researching keywords by looking at your business objectives, competitors and keyword trends. For the new site, you should pay attention to long tail keywords instead of generic keyword which has high search volume which takes your time to getting ranking.

For the link development, you need to get the good content that you can let other people talking to you and link back to you. You can do something like giveaway is another good tactic in order to get quick response from target audience.