Need the help in SEO?

So I would have a better chance of ranking high on Google for low volume keywords which have a lot of competition than high volume keywords which have little competition?

I’ll try that, thanks!

For anyone confused by this, it’s ironic, you actually do the opposite.

LOL, sadly it’s probably best that you pointed out the sarcasm

Use <sarcasm> tags. : )

yeah you are right, i should need to focus on the right keywords for the right topic, and long tail keywords…

what does means by <sarcasm> can u give me an example?

Oh, sorry Ali, my comment about <sarcasm> tags was directed to tke71709, because his comment was meant to be sarcastic, and you can’t always tell that on a forum with text : )

There is no such tag, has nothing to do with SEO : )

btw I can see your smashinghub now, looks very nice… is it an imitation of Smashing magazine?

  1. Can any one tell me? any free list of directories for submission of my websites ?

I don’t know anything about stuff like directories, but you surely want your site to be on any online groups or listings of similar style websites, esp. in the area of Design (your titles seem to be fine: each major article does looks to be well-named and therefore has your keywords). So for example if you know of a blogger or someone who keeps a list if Design sites, mail him/her and say hey, want to add Smashinghub to your list? that sort of thing.

Another thing I would do, I don’t know if it’s easy or hard for you to change with WordPress, but when I click on “40 Mind Blowing Coral Photography”, on that page, that should be the h1, not smashing hub. Smashing hub is a good h1 for the main page, but when you’re on a specific article, that’s what that whole page is about, really.

Ultimately I think it’s a minor thing, most WordPress setups do it like yours and they do fine, but I don’t think you have any problems with keywords.

thanks for the info, how you rate the site? and the content, i am trying to link exchange with the similar designers