How to increase website traffic using organic SEO?

Please suggest me how to increase the traffic for the particular website using the organic SEO.


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If you are new to SEO, then I recommend you read Google’s “Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide” and follow the advice there. That will give your site the best chance of performing well in search results and attracting traffic to your site.


If website is completely new then we will recommend you to use SMO (Social media optimization) along with search engine optimization because SEO will take time a bit to give you good position for traffics but social media optimization can drive traffics from starting.


Is your content high quality and original ?
Have you researched keywords and targeted the low-competition ones?
Did you take advantage of social profiles?

To all posters:

Please note that the OP is asking specifically for advice on using “organic SEO”. Please ensure your replies are on-topic and address that particular point.

You can increase various ways. Such as social media advertisements, directory postings, and forum answers. To increase website traffic you need to be work patiently Not all the traffic become sales, even if you get more traffic not all become buyers so patiently wait and continuously work you get good results.

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The OP is asking about using organic SEO to increase traffic, and none of these methods will have any effect on SEO.

Most social media, and other reputable sites, will mark user-submitted links as nofollow (as we do here), rendering them useless for SEO purposes. They may bring direct traffic, but that is not the subject of the discussion here.


Thanks for your suggestion, I have done all the SEO related work and also working in organic even though it is not obtaining google ranking

Thanks manikandan, for your positive comments.

Thanks for your suggestion, i will work on that

If you increase your website traffic, then your main focus on the quality content, not duplicate content. Also, you do On-page and Off-page SEO, i.e directory submission, articles submission, do blog commenting, pdf submission, do social media advertisement etc.

None of those things will help with SEO. Links which you place yourself are regarded as worthless by search engines, and reputable sites will mark your-submitted links as nofollow. Posting on sites which do not follow the recommended practice may lead to your site being penalised for participating in link schemes.

I think writing unique blogs on trending topics and promoting them in various social medias can help you a lot. In those blogs you should put your websites link and also provide your Brand name so that people can reach to your business.

@dubseocompany01: did you read the rest of the topic before posting?

It has already been explained that social media will not help SEO any more than link-dropping will. The only links which will benefit you in terms of SEO are those you earn by having great content which others choose to link to.

@shopieasy There are a few thing you can do to get started with SEO.

On-site SEO
First you must start with on-site SEO, this involves making your links user friendly and also including your Keywords in the page url’s. Make sure your page title and content correlate - Your page title should always content keywords within your page text. Make sure to create a blog within your site or link your blog directly to your site and write content about your product and other industry related stuff. Share every blog post to your social media account. Social media also helps with SEO, so make sure to have that in your mix.

Off-site SEO

After completing your on-site SEO, you can now focus on building inbound links (Commonly known as “Backlinks”). This links should be of high quality and relate to your content in some way. (Your inbound links don’t have to be from your industry)

Backlinks can include:

other blogs
and many more!

Hope this helps.

Social media does not help with SEO (as has been explained twice already in this topic).

Again, this has already been covered.

The only way to gain useful links is to earn them, by having high quality content which other sites choose to link to. Links you place yourself are at best worthless, and at worrst can lead to penalties against your site.

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As an SEO who makes pretty good money doing it for a living, though I love Google, I wouldn’t follow everything they recommend. If I did I would never rank. Its great to build awesome content for people to link to but let’s say your a plumber who owns a plumbing company. What the heck could a plumber write about to get people to link to it? Could he write articles on his blog? Of course he can. Good luck to build enough link juice to rank for all the cities and towns that he service’s. Participating in link schemes like buying them or going on fiverr will surely get you penalized no doubt. What I would do starting out is to build social profiles for your business. Most of these are no follow but if you set it up right you can build a little power to your website as well as establishing your brand. Think Facebook, Myspace, Yelp, Pinterest, Etc Etc. Those are 100 percent safe and will not get you a penalty. This will get you started. Unless you go the complete white hat route of SEO you will have to write awesome content and participate in guest blogging among many things.

As far as all these SEO news places which talk about what Google is looking for is pretty much garbage. I would Google Alex Becker and start there.

Matt Cutts is no longer working for Google and I did everything he told me not to and did very well. Good Luck hope you learn what you set out to!


Oh yea just building socials is not enough but if your niche is small not saturated those alone could help you rank.