Need knowe to grow to facbook likers

Hi Guys,

I should know to grow of facebook page in likers so any person say to me facebook page likers improvement tips. I am posting to own facebook news in own bussines facbook page but likers is no.(::confused:

There are a number of threads in the forums about increasing Facebook likes, which should be of help to you. For example, there’s a recent one here:

In order to grow your “likes” you need to share content consistently and make sure the content is fresh and engaging

Try to create some profiles in quality content websites like Tumblr,squidoo,newsvine etc and share what ever you trying to post in FB just post it in these websites, these days every one is having FB, if they found your information is good then will share that content from there you will get some likes, it is working for us.

Thank you.

Try to use some Facebook like button app and put it in your website. Your website visitors will tend to click that button and automatically like your Facebook page.

All things are related to the user engagement. Engage with more and more users through contents, comments and likes.

You have to be a regular updates on your Facebook page. You have to be a regular update on Facebook and you have to keep in mind that whatever you post it should be a quality and informative content.

First try to build strong friends circle. Find your business related friends first. And send them friend request. So that you can build your own audience. Then started posting. Then you will get better result

The simple way is use Facebook page Ads. You can set about the target Age and once someone likes your page that not rule he/her friend would also likes your page

There’s a very interesting video in this post on another thread which would make me very hesitant to use Facebook ads.

The best answer is to create good and unique content and make your facebook page valuable - that’s imprtant.
However, there are many other ways like pay per click you can employ to boost your reach and make sure that you get the facebook likes you are looking for.

Similar to focusing on inreasing traffic but ignoring improving conversion rates, increasing Likes but ignoring targeting is a big mistake IMHO.

I strongly suggest you check the link TechnoBear has already posted –

Feel free to like other people’s Facebook pages that are interesting to you. Consider potential customers as well. You can leave them a message asking them to "Like: your page as well.

This seems to work.




You need to advertise your facebook page !

like if you have twitter account you may ask your followers to go and like it,

Other way if you have Blog or Website you could put the like button on the homepage !

but don’t use the likes exchanges sites which are fake and not worthy

For Your Success !

I agree with you, if you have good contents, people will come to you and likes come too!

Share fresh content, images, social bookmarking links, Articles on Facebook pages.


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