FB likes?

Im looking for ways to gather likes for my Facebook page.
Any easy way to get more FB like for my facebook page???

You can use websites like addmefast and youlikehits. The will allow you to list your FB page URL and it will be liked by other automatically. You will need to understand their method of working. :slight_smile:

in addmefast at initial stage you will get 100 points to spend on your page likes to earn more points you must have to like other peoples pages too or else you will lost your all the points and yourpage will not get displayed for likes.

These tips will help you to increase FB likes for Facebook page in a natural way :

Build strong network by connecting other pages and groups.
Always post high quality and fresh content.
If you have blog then place Facebook page on it.
Give Facebook page link in other social media profiles such as Google+, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
Use Facebook features like vanity URL, Post Targeting, Highlighted Post, Pinned Posts to give more importance to prominent content.

Thanks Mate But I am looking for a kind of reference can give instant 1000 like without take lots of coins or time… :slight_smile:


There are a lot of services online that offer you “unlimited” FB likes. But I’m very suspicious about them. I still prefer manual how-to-get-FB-likes methodology. It looks more natural.

firstly you have to make a genuine face book profile and then increase your friend circle . Make a facebook page relevant to your business and start posting in it fresh content and you may also ask your friends to like your facebook page . use link wheel technique .

Dude you just have one way to increase the page like add more and more friend and send the link of the page and on the other hand you must send the URL in any group and comment that please like my page…

Encourage Likes in Your Employee’s E-mail Signatures, How many emails does your company send out a day? If you’ve got a large amount of employees, or employees who send out a lot of email then this is a huge opportunity to passively drive likes or social signals to your domain.

You can’t get something without investing time or money, that being a fact for GENUINE Fb likes.

If you want to go through manual then need to hire a dedicate person who will responsible for entire process in Facebook.Otherwise you can go through automated way,you can purchase likes or you can purchase a software for auto likes and for other business improvement activity for your site.

You can also hire SEO company for this task and Social media promotion as well.

The automated tools give mostly dead likes which can hurt your site instead of benefit. The best tactic is to share information that people are looking for in your niche, join different groups on Facebook and drop your facebook page link to those groups with information. I have experienced it naturally, you give people what they want, you will get what you want.

Well, I think you can get the maximum face book likes by first like their other people stuff… You have to make good social network & have to make trusty friends who likes your stuff… You can also get good friend social network by using twitter, stumble upon, link din etc…

The likes that you extract out of addmefast and youlikehits are mostly fake ones i.e. from fake profiles. And likes from those is not going to help you expand.

The main things to get the likes in Facebook page is add more friend in your Facebook circle.Then you share your URL link of your page to your friend circles.Daily you should update the good twits,images and video with well information and that should be attract by everyone.Then only your Facebook friends would like your page.

thank you for all this information i will try addmefast and youlikehits and the other techniques mentioned here and hopefully ill get positive results

There is 2 way to get likes and follower 1 through legal way with gunuine user(White Hat SEO) and another one is Black hat SEO by using tools with fake user.Black hat SEO no longer survive and got penalized by Google soon.Its definetly increasing traffc drastically but fall down so soon after penalize.

Using automation for increasing page likes is just a waste of time. You better let it happen naturally.

Yeah, spend a lot of time interacting with people.