How to improve my facebook page likes?

I have page and that was related to by business now i wanna improve my page likes. So anyone please explain brief about the ways to improve page likes.

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Fortunately it has been explained here countless times eg.

And if you try Searching you will find many, many, many more.

If you pay attention to the modal that pops up when you start a new topic (the one that says “similar to”) you can go to existing discussions without needing to start a redundant topic.


Provide fresh content(images,video,text) to your clients with target links.
Daily post from 5 to 10
submit your post to bookmarking sites.
Like your niche related pages and Post.

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you all are saying is correct in addition more ways is there to improve the facebook page likes

1.Use images as a regular part of your content strategy
2.Promote your page on your other social media accounts
3.Use Facebook’s Page Plugin on your website


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Its very easy. now a days you can buy Facebook like.


Thanks but the reach is too less?

Invite your friends and tell them to invite there friends… The quality of your posts must be higher and regular.

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Try to post relevant and attractive images with links and say your friends to invite more users to like the page. Share the page or its post on other social media such as twitter, Reddit, Pinterest etc.

You can create group and invite people to join. If you are increasing members in facebook definitely your FB page get more likes.

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Thanks for your valuable info

So simple, join different like for like groups share your page on that with unique content every time. This is the best and fast way to increase fb page likes.

Hello tbsnetworks to gain more likes on facebook you must update daily something on your faceebook page or you can also use some tools available to increase facebook likes. Some of them are like4like, like exchange, addmefast,etc. But I would like to tell you that these are only for increasing likes not for generating traffic. You can also consider them as fake likes done intentionally.

The right question perhaps is how to use these Facebook likes?
I wonder why people spend so much time on buying Facebook likes? A Facebook like is not good for you if you are unable to convert it. Converting a Facebook follower into a buyer is the real deal.

The easiest ever way to get genuine Facebook page likes is to run an ad at Facebook. You will get real likes from real people.

Create original yet engaging content. Always post an update so that your target market can easily see the promotion that you will post on your website. You can also share your post your friend it will surely help you maintain and gain new followers. :grin:

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I agree with that. More friends more likes.

and also participate in relevant group. you will get lots of group and choose in which lots of member already participate before you.

Create Facebook ad campaigns by targeting relevant country and audience is best option for increase Facebook like page.

  1. Make Content Rich Facebook Tabs
  2. Post Images over Status Updates & Links
  3. Facebook Ads
  4. Tools
  5. Creating Communities
    This five ideas are best for the improve facebook likes easily,
    Thanks , :slight_smile: