How to get more likes on facebook

How can i get more facebook likes on my page and post please let me know if any one know about that and one more how i can increase followers on linkedin.

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These articles can help you.

Ways to Attract More LinkedIn Leads

You can get more likes by liking their page and share it in your own profile page.

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you can get more likes on Facebook page by share attractive post on your page and link your Facebook page. invite your friends on this page.

  • Place your Facebook page link on other Social Media Networks,
  • Add the “Facebook Like” tools to your Website or Blog,
  • Never miss an opportunity to promote your Facebook page for free,
  • Post Valuable Content,
  • Use Facebook Ads to Expand your Reach.

Post interesting topics and tag friends that may relate to your post in that way their friends can see your post and will eventually share them also in their network.

You can get more likes by liking some other page and share it in our own profile page. and we can get more likes on facebook page by share such a good and attractive post on our page and link our facebook page. invite your friend so that he can read your post and give like to our page.

Post Unique content about your page, post attractive images, tags on friends, share page links on various platform. Updated your page.

Be active on your facebook page. You have to update it regularly and not leave it for too long. Share your links but do it cautiosly, you don’t want to look like a spammer.

The main thing sit the quality of content if you provide quality to user they will follow you,share,like other content too to get positive feedback

To grow your number of Facebook fans, every section of your page should include content that’s relevant and helpful, but also searchable. Remember: All of the content on your page will be indexed by search engines, helping you attract more Fans to your page.


It depends what type of likes you want .If you want only likes and it hardly matters for you from where they are coming so join forums .Vote for vote likes for likes many others.Or if you want some more like do comments in groups and appreciate other people advice and photos.They will surely give you a good amount of likes and happiness for you.

The best way to get good quality likes is to engage with people. Leave valuble comments on other relevant post.

I suggest you to share interesting and informative posts, such as images, text, info graphics, videos and all other interesting activities which engage users with your Facebook page.

Hi stellalogan631, welcome to the forum :confetti_ball:

And exactly how would you define"interesting"? Wouldn’t that vary per the individual?

In order to get more likes on facebook and followers on linkedin you have to create unique and attractive contents that will attract user towards your status and there after you will get more likes and followers.

You can post all day long and make all different kinds of posts, but if you are not posting QUALITY INFORMATION in those posts your wasting your time and theirs. Make the visitors to your site want to come back for more information and to keep them coming back.

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post something that users wants to share! :smile:

Please explain exactlly what “something” is