Need help setting up Facebook page/place for a bar


I need some advise as I’m setting up a Facebook fan page for a bar. I also want to incorporate the Facebook Place element into this as it will allow the bar to send out offers.

The fan page has already been set up:

The Facebook Place page is also set up:

I do believe that Facebook have disable the ability to merge fan pages and place pages…am I right? What I want is something like Kildare’s Irish Pub ( where you can see the number of people that like and the number of people who have checked in. So if I claim our existing place page ( will I be able to create a fan page from this?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Claim the place. Set up all the images and info. Remove the old pages & redirect everyone over. And then start engaging!

Thanks Ted for your reply. I’ll do it that way. Regards.

To change the url of a facebook fan page go to It is applicable if your fan page has more than 25 fans.