Difference between FB profile, Fan page, Landing page

Hi All
I am a facebook newbie. Please clarify my doubts:

  1. I am confused between a FB profile, fanpage and landing page(?).
  2. I am able to create a fb profile which is like facebook.com/username. I tried to create a page but can’t I access a page like facebook.com/mypage ?. It seems we can access a page only like facebook.com/pages/pagename/somenumbers. Is this true?
  3. Are the below profiles or pages?
  4. How come sitepoint managed to put a big logo like that in that profile/page. jointhefight page/profile seems to be totally customised… how?


You need to have at least 25 fans in your fan page only can customize your fan page URL.

Sitepoint chose a particular photo to become the profile photo, as simple as that. All the latest uploaded photos will display at your facebook’s wall page, at the small photo windows on top.

The tow links you asked for are fan pages, just for information and to interact with followers, facebook profile it the one on the right top button with your name on it, it is your profile link, and landing page is your homepage, where you get news feeds.

Profile page = your personal page. You have friends, you don’t have fans. It is so you can reach your real friends and family
Fan page = business or personal page as a public figure. You have fans that likes you and follow you but not friends. The difference is subtle but important. You know it is a fan page because you will see the “like” button.
Landing page = a commercial page that you create in your website (or FB) where you ask a viewer to do something (sing up for your newsletter, buy a specific product). The viewer needs to take action.

I need to check this one. Normally, you would need 25 likes to be able to customize your fan page URL but I’ve read that’s not longer true. Still, I need to verify the information.

Both are fan pages

Actually, both of them have a certain level of personalization. What they’ve done is quite basic and easy to do.
Basically, create your fan page and upload the photos to an album. Automatically, they will be displayed in the 5 spots that the fan page has by default to do just so. Simply remember that FB loads pictures randomly, it doesn’t follow any particular order (that is, don’t create 5 pictures that should go in a specific order to make sense, like 5 words that would build a sentence… they may load in the right order or not)

For the logo, simply do it to a size of your convenience and click on the appropriate link.

very simple :smiley:

fan pages are for business musicbands and advertising purpose :slight_smile: if u create a website or own any it will be help full

groups are to be in contact with all the people around u or the website members etc to chat with them and etc

and landing page is nothing but the page which u wish to display first to ur members of the fan page may be it will be wall or info etc by the way u choose

Although every post here describes every question in details, but I still have a question in mind. I have seen many facebook fan pages where they put their entire landing page. I know they do it with FBML. But I wonder if it is a better choice to put entire landing page as it is or making a custom page is better?

Thanks for sharing main different of fan-page, profile and Landing page.

Well, I checked and depending on what you read, you don’t need to have 25 fans/ likes to have your own custom url anymore.


In FB documentation they say you do so… You can try and see what happens. Just go to www.facebook.com/username/ and do what you’re told on the screen.

I guess that an old page with high traffic and success will not want to change that url and rist to lose all that traffic… no matter how fancy and beautiful it is :smiley:

I just built a page today and you don’t need 25 likes to get your own url. I know it for sure because my page right now only has one like… MINE! :smiley:

[ot]Can I like your page? or is it just a test :slight_smile:

I have mine but it is not published… yet :p[/ot]


Please do! :smiley: [/ot]