How to make my Facebook fan page as landing page

My website is about website. I got a fan web page in myspace for my website. Later than I signed in Facebook but I can’t get way how to make Fan Page for my website.

I dot know what to do

Guide me.

Thank you.

You have to login to your facebook account and then visit the following url

thanks for the advice qkey48

There are many way to create a facebook fan page beside above said.

  1. Go to Facebook login page there you will find an option of “create a page” in footer menu.
  2. Go to any other Facebook fan page there is an option of “create a page” in right upper corner


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Would you like to leave a link to that? I’m not seeing much depth in the four answers so far. However, I do believe this question has been discussed in other threads in this forum.

Here is a link to one of those threads.

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