Fan page question

a client had me create a fan page. I had to create a page to create a fan page. bangs head I find out she already had an old page. Is there a way to delete the page that I created to create her fan page and attach the fan page to old page she already had? *head is spinning - am I making sense?

Also, I tried to make a easy url (one without all those numbers) and it adds it to the page created to create the fan page, not the fan page.

please help! :smiley:

The mistake you made was to create a new facebook account before creating a page. And there’s no way you can delete an already created fan page. The best you can do is make your client an admin on your facebook page then they will have the same privilege as the admin then i think they can now delete your account as the admin of the page. I’m i making sense.

oh ok, sweet thank you. can I deactivate that page after her taking me off as an admin?

Why would you want to deactivate. Once you’re taken off as an admin you won’t have access to it an an admin. It’s your client that will have full access to it. isn’t that what you want?