Need help on Bookmarking Demon 5 usage

Hello, guys, I am Yenhoo, a pretty new webmistress.
I need help on Bookmarking Demon 5 URL submission success rate.
Should you have any experience in using it, please kindly share your points.

As default, i got a list of 101 bookmarking websites, including slashdot, reddit, stumbleupon, digg… and as guidance from Bookmarking Demon 5 documentations in .PDF, I switched to Beginner Mode, created accounts(paid $10 and activated the first Captcha automatic input service)…Add URL(not my mainstream website URL), enter tags, description, click OK button, and run with my real IP address(OS: Windows 7, 32 bits), not with proxy IP. After 10 minutes or so, I was shown a URL submission result page, and it told me that only 33 of 101 bookmarking websites accepted my URL, and 68 of 101 bookmarking websites denied my URL submission request.
Next, I changed to use proxy IP, and tried again, I even got a lower URL submisstion success rate, 25/101.

I really did not know how this thing happened, and I looked around in the Bookmarking Demon main website and its .pdf documentations, unfortunately, I was not able to find information about this problem, or what will effect the URL submission success rate with BMD 5.

Thanks for your time and attention.
I will appreciate any positive advice from you.