Invaild url or block url show in social bookmarking

When i am doing social-bookmarking and submit my url on social bookmarking then they show URL invalid or block.But my url is active.Please help me now what can i do.

There can be few possible reasons.

  1. Your website is blocked by social bookmark site(s) due to excessive spam (submissions) again and again.

  2. The URL is already present in their database. You can search it by searching in the field above that says search.

  3. There may be a problem with submission on those particular sites.

Try submitting another URL, if they accept that then you have to contact their support to know the reason for block/invalid URL.

I hope this answer helps. :slight_smile:

Any social bookmarking not accept my site.My domain is new so How it possible?Ok i will contact support .Also thanks for give a good suggestion.