Social Bookmarking Submission Question?

Hi guys,

I have a question about social bookmarking submission.

Can I submit a large number of pages, like 100 different pages from the same domain, to a bookmarking site under the same account in one day? Will it be penalized by that site/or do good to SEO with Google?

Now the problem is: I have a list of 200 social bookmarking sites, I want to submit 50 different pages of my site to these bookmarking sites. How can I do the submission? What’s the best plan or what would do?

Thanks for your help in advance.

To be honest, such a move will not only get you banned by the social networks but the links generated are going to be treated as unnatural, especially in the post-panda period.

The best way to go will be to only submit quality and good content to the most relevant social bookmarking sites. Just ask yourself this simple question, will people click on your link, read your content and vote it up on the social network. If the answer is no, then don’t waste your time.

submit your link only to the popular bookmarking sites…daily one link in one site

You can try a site like . But it’s basically a manual process. Most of the social bookmarking site are ‘nofollow’ anyway.

first of the all you have to understand about what is social bookmarking and how it is useful? Social Bookmarking is a method for Internet users to organize bookmarks post and use for future reference. when your site have good content or it is useful for users then only users click your website otherwise its no of use. so many social bookmarking sites are available on internet. you can post 100 bookmarks on one day on delicious and digg but again its no use of it. so move other seo stuff rather than social bookmarking

If you want to do Social Bookmarking then do it in good bookmarking sites. else, it will not create any special impact on your websites.

Nowadays, some sites are not offering link submission more than 1 in 24 hours. so either you should submit links in more bookmarking sites. or 1 link per day.

If you want to perform social bookmarking back-links purpose then try something new like using forum, blogs, ,edu profiles etc.

Hope this will help…

Actually, there are websites that provide these kinda services. But if you want to do it yourself, Yes, you can bookmark different pages with the same account, but make it slow, so that you will not be banned. When the website owner sees enormous posts from the same IP and account, they may ban your IP, which will block you from posting to that website again.

So, post no more than 10 links a day and make it slow too.

Hi guys, thanks so much for all of your suggestions. I will consider your ideas and re-set my bookmarking plan.

Maybe you are right that I only need to do bookmarking in those good sites, and I think I do should slow the submission speed.

Thanks again for all your help.

Thanks for your help.

And one more question, do you mean, if I post many links in one site, I should use different IP? Or should I create different accounts of this site to do the post? Which is better?

In my opinion you should submit your site in high PR social bookmarking sites which have diffrent-2 IP and submit only single link of your site in one social bookmarking site.

Use one account for all posts. No need to create multiple accounts on same site. You can submit 2 or 3 urls per day. There is no any special guidelines for the total number of submissions on the sbm sites but still you should think yourself that if you are the owner of a site then probably you won’t be happy to see so many submissions of same domain in just one day.

Sorry about the delayed response. Actually, as you know we can bookmark one link not more than twice in a particular bookmarking website. When the objective is to bookmark 50 pages on a bookmarking site, its not going to be a problem. But when you want to bookmark the same link with different anchor texts, it is a trouble.

What you can do is:

If you have 50 different links to bookmark, use a single account to submit, but make it slow.
If you need to submit single link with 10 different target keywords or anchor texts, create different accounts. But be sure, when I tried doing this, it showed me an error saying “the domain already exists”

Yes, got your idea. My links for submission are different. I have been doing the submission for two days, no problem by now. :slight_smile: Thanks again.

It’s totally waste submitting your web pages in those 200 bookmarking sites. Earlier bookmarking was considered the easiest way to get a web page index faster. But nowadays google is very smart and intelligence that it crawls the website soon. Just submit in the following top social bookmarking sites.

• Digg
• Stumble Upon
• Reddit
• Delicious
• Folkd
• Diigo
• Tumblr
• Xmarks
• Blinklist
• Jump Tags
• Buddy Marks

Social bookmarking helps to get traffic and for your site to be crawl easily. However, I dont think that its a good idea to do such thing. Submitting 50 page into one submission site? It will not help to improve your site. Instead it may lead to future problem. The best thing you can do is to submit in moderation lets say you submit 2 pages a day. Submit first the homepage and the second important page. And you can do other thing like writing quality content and submit them to High PR submission sites. Work hard on the homepage because when it got a rank the other pages will follow. Good Luck to you.

I guess you are doing all this for SE. I tell you there are only few good social bookmarking sites and if you submit pages which are similar with no unique or worth reading title then you will be banned or your submission would not be published. Instead write blog or post with unique title with a referring your url and submit to high page rank social bookmarking site, continue the work of writing and submission. This will work for sure.

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Hi Natali,

Actually I would disagree with your point that Directories are totally ineffective. We can never say something is ineffective from SEO point of view. Something may work for you today and it may not some other day. But always trust high PR websites, as Google using that criteria still. Whatever method you follow, try posting only on top websites.

Doing it all in one day could have some serious repercussions! You should rather try submitting 5-10 links to a site in order to keep your account alive. plus there are chances that google may be tipped off on heavy link building from single site. So its best if you restrict your link building strategy to optimum level.

Do not submit one link multiple times into one bookmark site, It’ll not get you any benefit but you’ll get instant ban hammer from the authority bookmarking sites.