Social Bookmarking Tool


Is there any social bookmarking tool that publish my updates across all the SOCIAL Bookmarking sites i am registered on?

Can someone clarify if it is true: Do you run the risk of getting your website labeled as spam if you use Automated Softwares?

I was under the impression that you run a risk of getting your sites labeled as spam if you use automated software to create large number of profiles and web page postings to different social bookmarking sites.

I really like Social Oomph. It does Twitter, Blogs and various other social networks also. No limit to how many different screen names and accounts even on the free version.

If you want an automatic submissions, try socialmatic or socialposter.

guys, kindly share some of your list of social bookmarking sites, I ran out of it :frowning: please…Thanks

join and submit your site in dozens of free social bookmarking sites :slight_smile:

Anyway I prefer to do it manually

IMHO you’ll be lucky to get an honest answer.

Lots with opinions not based on fact will answer one way or the other.
Those that have never tried won’t know.
Those that sell it will swear it works great.

That leaves those that have actually tried it and are willing to share with potential competitors and those that have tried it and suffered and are not too embarrassed to admit it.

I’d say go by your instincts. What do you think? Are you willing to risk long term effects for short term gain?

guys, have you tried hoosuite??

I think is good for that


According to me manual submission is much better though it takes time but, if you want to use any tool then it is necessary to use some tools that do submissions in sites that are of high Pr and very good.

Manually submission is good because here you can change your description and keywords in every submission easily.

If you have 200 websites then you can cover 3-4 websites daily and with that you can use tool and Autofill.

I started out with Onlywire but with a lot of sites, it is time consuming. I now use both Socialbot and Socialbookmarksubmitter with varying success. Things look good until I take a close look at the reports they generate, then I see there are problems.

There are many tools that are used for social bookmarking and there are some tools that uses pligg sites for submissions. But, now I have seen people doing bookmarking with the help of Autofill that is very helpful in making better submissions. and social poster are also very great. But sometimes, manual social bookmarking works, especially in stumbleupon and digg. Social bookmarking sites are not the same as before where you just bookmark your page, this time it enables you to interact with other people, communicate with them and share different ideas.

use a tool to promote your website through social bookmarking is not very useful and not very good ways.i think you’d better do it manually.

onlywire is a very cool social bookmarking tool I used.

I agree manual submission is the best BUT what if I have 200 websites? I cannot possibly manually do them all. I am all for automation, as long as the bookmarking sites don’t mind…