Social Bookmarking - automated submissions

We have a travel social network where each place has own page. We have more than 400 places and I was thinking to use automated submissions tool to bookmark each page.

I have now two concerns: Wouldn’t search engines notice that we bookmarked more than 100 pages on more than 20 sites as spam?

Would make using the following tactics any difference between them, which one would you recommend?
a) Automatically bookmark all pages
b) 20 pages per day using on all bookmarking sites the same text
c) 20 pages per day devided into 4 different parts (in this way only 5 different bookmarking sites will have the same text for bookmark).
d) other?

What tool would you use, Onlywire or socialmarker or other?

thanks a lot!

I think this maybe help you:

try this site :wink:

There’s an argument out there that says you really shouldn’t be submitting your own work to social bookmarking anyway. It’s sort of like creating your own link to your website. It’s deceiving and goes against the purpose of the service to begin with.

If someone finds your content/website useful and you give them the ability to bookmark the website then they’ll handle it themselves. Bookmarking your own content just adds to the fluff bookmarks out there and could even be argued as a spam-like practice.

Do it manual instead of looking for Automated.

According to me socailmarker is good because its free and cool I normally use this site to bookmark my URLs.

Actually Bookmarking automatically makes no sense. A perfect SEO should know how to use these Bookmarking, Social networking sites. Each bookmarking website have their own way of style. You cant just junkly put your data in one and make them to upload. The time taken for Automation is not that much less when compared to manual bookmarking.
If you automate by some other scripts also it will come stop somewhere and again you need to enter those ‘captchas’. So In my point of view use Bookmarking sites literally and manually.

manual submission very important compare to automated

Why are you bookmarking your own websites in the first place? Regardless of whether it’s done with an automatic tool or manually it still goes against TOS.

Well try some pinging sites, which takes your password and user-name of the accounts in social bookmarking sites and automatically submit your feed to them.

I do manual submission and I believe it’s better than automated. And only submit to those can provide quality backlinks. :slight_smile:

i think manual submission is more effective rather than automatic submission. Automatic submission create spam ming.:slight_smile:

manual submission is better…yes it takes effort but if you build some rep in a social bookmarking site and make it look natural you’re far more likely to keep your links in place for a long period of time and link age is important for seo.

I don’t think google would pick up on 20 different sites linking to your site as many creative sites receive loads of viral links to actual creative pages.

i’m not real sure if google throws up flags on sites that aren’t already established or not.

This is the whole point. You shouldn’t be striving to make it look natural, it should be natural.

Why are you trying to manipulate the social bookmarking websites rather than use them for what their purpose was intended? For the record, it was not to generate backlinks for your website.

Share only quality post in quality sites.

Hi Mate…

Just listen the thing carefully…(Or i should say read)

  1. If you want to use tool for SB then Socialmarker or socialposter are good ones.

  2. But always keep in mind Never do social bookmarking at more then 10 SB per day for same page…And even if you want to do it by different page say 2 pages 5 per day…then its fine…more then this can penalize you in google…But there is one trick to go around with this…Do SB with different accounts …So be ready with different accounts at at least 400-500 sites…

Hope it helped

No, no no. Why are you manipulating the social bookmarking sites with multiple accounts? You should be ashamed of yourself.

i don’t use social bookmarking sites to promote any of my sites unless i feel that they may be good and other people may enjoy them. It is not the webs fault that these sites are taken advantage of though, it is the developers of the sites who fail to properly moderate their content in my opinion.

i know some sites are tough to moderate, but the big ones are making bank. i don’t feel sorry for them because they aren’t more user minded.

Eventually, though, i believe the people who make the best social sites will rise above. How and when things like this will happen i’m not sure. Facebook is one example of a site being a true network where spamming and site promotion is truely difficult to fake.

This has absolutely nothing to do with the ability of the content authors to moderate their social bookmarking submissions. If I write a good article and 100 different people bookmark it, then great. Where my problem comes in is that you said people should do their best to make it look natural which implies manipulation of the social bookmarking networks.

Yes, people promote their own sites on social bookmark sites. Sites like digg wouldn’t sustain themselves at all without the ones who figured out it was a way to promote.

Also, it all begins with seo anyways. people don’t find the sites in the social bookmarking sites for the most part. they find a site like in the search engines and then digg / stumble upon articles.

its like these social bookmark sites don’t actually serve practical value, they basically push articles, images, and videos primarily from sites that already get lots of views.

The people who are not part of a huge network / site / or spam automator will get zero action by submitting pages.

Most normal people are not involved in huge networks of people they don’t really know on the web. They are on a site like facebook interacting with real friends and living life.