Need help creating a forum on my health website

Hello, I have a health website about drug rehabilitation in Indonesia. To make this website look more educative and informative, I also want to add a forum to allow my visitors to ask questions in it.

Is there a best solution for adding forums to my website?

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any stack used or wordpress?

Are we legally required to recommend Discourse by being here? ;p

Only you can decide what is the “best” solution for your circumstances.

There is a wide range of forum software available, both free and paid. Which you choose will depend on your budget, your needs (expected traffic, etc.) and your audience. For a non-technical community, I would say you should look for something simple and intuitive to use.

There are many “best forum software” articles around which will give you an idea of where to start. These two came up at the top of the list when I did a quick internet search: