How to build a forum website?

How to build a forum website?

Please give me some tips to create forum website for me.

You install the forum software and learn to use it. Here is a list of available packages available:

Thanks for your quick reply and It is very helpful for me.

When you’re looking at any paid-for forum software you need to be able to justify to yourself any initial purchases costs and any licensing or subscription fees. If the forum is not expected to have too many visitors or threads and posts then any paid-for software might not be worth the cost

In most circles phpbb is considered the best free one and vBulletin is considered the best paid one.

One of the biggest problems for people who start a forum is: The start and continuing your forum… you gotta stay active every single day and start new threads even when you got no visitors at all… People need to find your forum first before they can join it… and if they found your forum they have to be like… This is a quality forum… i would like to join this one :slight_smile: … And at the beginning it can be depressing when you got no people who reply to your forum… My advice would be… go start it with 2 a 3 people who randomly post messages :slight_smile: it works a lot better.

Now I used IP Board forum which helps me a lot? Please let me know. Is it worth?

Here’s a small list of features thant dont came with phpbb but in my opinion are important.
Quick repply box
show print friendly version
low-fi version (beter for slow connections)
Thread subscription (not by email)

They may not be included but are there in plugins/extensions that provide that functionality?

You can use IP Board forum which should be very useful for your website?

Hi solanzz…
First, I would like to say to follow several forums online and collect essential ideas how to make a forum website.It is very important should choose a proper domain name and design & structure.There is some company provides software to making forum website, so you can easily create on it and get tips how to manage a forum website also. If you have any particular question regarding the forum website,then you should have to discuss here.Thank you.

At first I would suggest a forum on facebook or a social site. This is to get people to talk on those forums. After this try to move to a forum site. This will save you some money.

I think is also a good way to create forum website. You should have a look on this.

Thanks to all those who have suggested solutions. However, as the OP is no longer with us, it’s probably time to close the thread.